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‘Alejandro’ is Here!

So the much-anticipated video for Lady Gaga’s single “Alejandro” was released today and all I can say is OMG.

OH EM GEE, you guys. Despite my indifference to her music, I am all about how Lady Gaga brings it. While I wouldn’t say that Gaga has managed to top her “Telephone” video (I’m not sure that it would even be possible), “Alejandro” isn’t a weak follow-up.

All the religious imagery seems like a straight-up Madonna rip-off, but I’m loving the gun bra (This is how it’s done, Katy) and the dancers are kind of mind-blowing.

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  • …. I must be missing something. I don’t get what is so great about it or Telephone.

    • Telephone was supposed to be good to people who understood it
      and i understand most of gaga’s songs and videos

      but this one stumped me

      she’s dressed as a nun an swallowing a cross?
      what does that have to do with saying goodbye to her previous sex lives
      (thats what gaga said the song is about)

      i love gag to death but this video is not her best :(

      • It’s about gay rights!
        The scene where she lies in bed with the man and all the puppet strings, is about gay people who can’t get out of the closet because of religious, political reasons or society repression. Also, on the scene where they throw her around, it’s the gay community fighting back. I mean, I don’t know… that’s what I thought when I saw it :)

      • That makes a lot of sense actually, with all the religious and militaristic imagery…best explanation I’ve seen so far. Sharp thinking Marcella!

      • Okay, THAT I get and the video makes more sense to me now. I don’t think it was amazing, but it does make more sense.

  • Although I do see a lot of similarities between her and Madonna with regards to style, sexuality, and even dance moves, I think the religious imagery Gaga uses is very different from the religious imagery Madonna uses, so I wouldn’t call it a straight up “rip off” in that respect. Though clearly Gaga was inspired by Madonna – and who could blame her?

  • Anyone notice the creepy guy wearing a white sheet at the 3-4 second mark? It’s clear in the youtube video

    • Are you retarded? This must be the first positive Gaga post in a LONG ass time, if ever….all the writers talk mad shit about Gaga. They obviously don’t like her. You must be retarded.

      That being said, this video is pretty good. I love Gaga. However, just because she used religious imagery doesn’t mean it’s a Madonna rip off. Shit tons of artists have used religious imagery. This is different than Madonna. I sense suffering here, it’s weird. I don’t quite have it figured out yet. This is my fav Gaga song so far though. YAY GAGAAA

      • Using the term “retarded” to insult someone. Who’s the mentally challenged one?

        They constantly give her the attention she desperately need. Every Gaga post is, look how weird she is, look how different she is. Blah blah.

        And your love of Gaga shows how amazing your musical taste is. Trend whore dumbass.

      • Fuck off anon, they are constantly talking about how terrible Lady Gaga is. Your being her fan or not is irrelevant. It’s not “hey look at Gaga being weird”, it’s more like “hey look at how much she sucks and let me continue to suck Beyonce/Rihanna’s dick”

        Oh, and the retarded comment? Get over it, PC police. This is the fucking internet.

        Trend whore dumbass? Where do I even begin with that one? Am I a trend whore dumbass because of my eternal love for music like Metallica, Celine Deon, Notorious B.I.G., Nirvana, etc? Please, teach me how to conform to your musical taste so I can acquire taste in music that is acceptable to you!!! I am in DESPERATE need of your acceptance!

        And finally…your first sentence is an improper one, you dumb retarded fuck.

  • I liked it, as strange as it was. I loved how feminine the guys were.
    But does anyone else find those stupid bowl cuts revolting?

    • Haha the first time I heard this song on the radio I was reminded of Ace of Base. However, I have to admit I do like Lady Gaga’s music. It’s great for dancing.

  • I like Gaga, but she is channeling Madonna with this. Not only does she look like her, she sounds like her, and I can’t stand Madonna.

  • I agree with the Madonna thing. There’s a little bit of Like a Prayer, Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, a little bit of Vogue, Human Nature and Die Another Day, video wise. Not disappointed but very reminiscent of Madonna. Was that what she was going for?

  • I like Lady Gaga. A lot. But this video was not entertaining at all. She did a much better job with the Bad Romance video. This video just annoyed me/made me slightly uncomfortable with it’s obviously sadist overtones.

    I understand provocativeness in videos, but this was just so blatant it wasn’t artistic. She was literally in her underwear. It was a bad choice in my opinion.

    But Gaga will create the art she creates and if she’s happy with it, she’s popular enough that most people will swallow it and accept it for Gaga being Gaga.

  • she’s a puppet of the NWO, illumanati the imagery obvious freemason symbolism in this video would make a freemason blush.
    Mayan 2012 reference, NWO liberal fascist stormtroopers, future world riots, female and male love repressed, heck there’s even a pentagram and the New age of Order Pyramid at teh beginning of the video! (see the dancers at the beginning walking towards camera with circle, pyramid and pentagram wire images on their backs.)
    This is straight out of Orwell’s 1984. Either her management are just milking the NWO/illumanati angle for kicks or she really is pushing this stuff onto society and believes every word of her occultism.

    Madonna never went this far, nor did Kate Bush.