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Bieber Fever Is Deadly

A photo of Justin Bieber at the VIVA Comet 2010 Awards

Remember the guy that made the application that blocks Justin Bieber from your internets? Yeah, that’s Greg Leuch, and he’s getting all kinds of death threats for that.

Here’s an email he got from a 15-year-old:

What you’re doing is going back to World War II all over again. Hitler wanting to erase Jews from society — you want to erase Justin Drew Bieber.

I absolutely love that this girl used his middle name.  Here’s a little something Greg got on Twitter:

I know many things about you and i know where you live. Just be aware. I might just appear behind you and shoot you with a gun.

To quote Youtube, slow down, crazy.  I mean, I loved me some Nsync back in the day, but I never made any death threats or Hitler comparisons over them.  I really don’t get what it is about this kid that has girls saying these kinds of things.  I can’t imagine me or my 12-year-old self threatening anyone’s life over some celebrity, and I can get kind of fanatical (I was 16 when David Bowie’s last album came out, and I celebrated by shaving my eyebrows and doing Ziggy Stardust makeup.  I’d never shaved anything on my face before.  I fucked it up.  It hurt, but I did it because I’m fanatical sometimes, and that’s what this whole story is a reference to).  What about you guys?  Ever done anything crazy over a celebrity?

And here’s a Bieber bonus, just in case you need more hilarity in your life.

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  • That is f-ed up!!! Nothing like extremely hormonal and horny teens to scare the shit out of you. I don’t get the Bieber fever, but I do remember my absolute obsession with New Kids on The Block back in the day– it’s embarrassing to admit, actually!

  • I’ve been fanatical in my past too. I’ve even cried seeing celebs in person but I would have never sent death threats!

    Maybe because it’s so easy to contact people now that they don’t have the waiting period of thinking these things through to stop them from actually doing it. Whenever I was upset after finding out that a certain boy board member was now off the market, or that they weren’t coming to my state for their tour or whatever else made me close to enraged I would have to first find the address to send my hate mail to, next get out my Lisa Frank themed stationary, then finally sit down and write the angry letter before having to walk down to my mailbox to send it out. I think that multi step process probably saved me from being a completely crazed tween in my younger days.

  • Things like Bieber Fever and “the Twitter” make me want to move to the mountains of Ecuador or somewhere equally remote before I have kids. And they will play outside, and read books, and make forts, AND BE WELL ADJUSTED, DAMMIT!

    Not that I think technology in and of itself is the problem, but I come from the last generation to grow up half with and half without the internet, and I really cherish my pre-computer-crazed childhood. I don’t know if there is a way to achieve that happy medium for kids nowadays.

  • Well, if i was him, and even though the death threats are probably not real, i would totally take it to the next level and get the police involved and do all kinds of creepy shit to these bunch of retarded young girls that think they can get away with this type of behiaviour, just for them to learn a good lesson once and for all, because this is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Ugh… again… not funny. Can you just quit, for the love of god and blog readers everywhere?

  • “Ever done anything crazy over a celebrity?”
    I ate a ‘nanner samich over Elvis at Graceland. Does that count?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! and i love that you admitted to shaving your eyebrows for bowie.. haha that’s awesome

  • I once threatened to skin a group of boys who wanted to beat up the boy I liked. But he wasn’t a celebrity, he was an actual boy who I got to chill with.

  • Just remember, once we send our crap over the border to the US… you have to keep it. nNo sending the Bieber back…

  • yo, that shooting someone with the gun is f***** up! if you want to deal with someone, you can’t just kill him, it would be pointless… he may die and you may go to jail and then you’re the one who get’s judged… First try to talk nice and warn him and then before shooting anyone think bout these who will miss you when you’ll go to jail…

  • Justin is just another kid like me but he shares his songs with the world… And then some F*****D hears his songs and starts insulting someone because he or she is jealous of him or doesn’t like his music… You, haters don’t have to share you’re opinion with the world… Well… Think of it this way: You send these damn messages and things to Bieber but how much would you like if anyone does it to you?!?

    PS. I don’t like his music either but that’s not the reason to hate someone…