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Paramore Singer Hayley Williams Has Some Nude Photos Floating Around the ‘Net

picture of lead singer hayley williams of paramore on stage

And it’s all because her Twitter got hacked. I’m so sick of these celebrities crowing that their privacy on SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS has been invaded — you posted photos of yourself naked on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or whatever. People are smart; they’re gonna figure out a way to get all up in your shit and if you have those incriminating photos on hand, oh snap. But you know what? At the end of the day, I don’t want to hear you bitching about it. You did it, own up to it and suck it up. Actions, consequences. Really.

I also get that some celebs like to accidentally leak their photos (hello NSFW Jamie Foxx … and damn, too), so if you’ve got the brass balls to do it, fucking own up to it! Honestly! I’d have more respect if you came out and said, “Yeah, I took them … and I released ’em, too.” You know. Inquiring minds just want to know and everyone likes to see what celebrities look like in the buff. Duh.

So. Hayley Williams is the latest distraught celebrity that is crying because her tits made it live on the internet. Great. Own it, girl.

You can check out the uncensored and obviously NSFW photo here, and I know you will, so tell me what you think.

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  • Seriously, when will people realize that if you don’t want nude pictures of yourself on the net, don’t take them in the first place. Especially if you’re famous! Come on now, this is page one stuff…

    • With tits that small, she should have a tattoo on her chest that reads: “In case of rape; this side up.”

      • I should SO NOT be laughing at that but I totally am! You are going to hell and I’ma be there with you!

      • thank you! you can tell it’s not her anyways(: some people just can’t tell if it’s real or fake

      • well the fact that it was on the news and she said it was her and she was outraged kind of says it was her dumb ass!

  • Where is she crying all over the internet? All she said was “well… my night just changed drastically. got hacked.”

    nice attempt at drama.

      • you guys are pathetic leave her alone.
        shit like this happens. no one is perfect. you guys act like you guys are little perfect people. you’re not. if you don’t know the truth then stfu

      • don’t be stupid. of course no one is perfect. but celebrities are different. it’s all the same. don’t want that shit to come out? then don’t do it in the first place.

  • Oh no just like Kendra another woman taken advantage of by evil men and the system I feel so sorry for her and I want to say that I really hope that she gets throught this.

    Now you can see how dumb your fake shallow feminist rhetoric sounds Ms. Beet

  • she really did get hacked, i believe. my theory is that someone got a hold of her phone that she lost not too long ago, found the pic on her phone since she took some on there, and posted it to her twitter that she happened to still be logged in to. it makes sense

    • totally agree, the others can believe whatever, as far as im concerned shes amazing at what she does, so everyone else needs to get over it

      • i agree also, i think people just want to give her shit like this because she’s so famous. they need to get off her balls and leave her alone. seriously

    • I agree. Let alone God judge the people who use the pictures to ruin Hayley’s life. Hayley, if you read this, I want to let you know that I believe in you. Take care of yourself and never mind the many losers in this fucking planet.

      To all who does bad things to this one beautiful person: I hope it would be never too late for you when time comes when you’ll be judge for what you did. I still love you, Hayley and I believe in you.

      Remove it or help remove these shitty stuffs instead of promoting it further. You have no balls or dignity.

  • She was on Golden Girls and that’s all I really know about her.

    Dummy girls that are somewhat famous/really famous need to stop taking nude pictures. They will come out. They always do.

  • That picture is so tame by today’s standards. It is about three cocks, a quart of semen, and a room done in 70’s porno chic, short of being even remotely degrading.

    • interesting fact: a small penis and a large penis could both be the same size while erect.

      • COULD be, but more than likely won’t be. A huge flaccid penis usually translates to a huge hard dick. A small flaccid penis usually translates to a small hard dick. I’ve been with both types…

  • why are you people so mean?
    shes hot to me :D so keep your dumb comments to yourselves. haters!!

    • Hey, everyone is allowed to have opinions. Some people don’t think she’s hot. Some people think she doesn’t have tits, just glorified nipples. (Okay, fine, the first is an opinion, the second is fact.)

      • Hey, you’re a stupid bitch.

        (Okay, fine, the first is an opinion, the second is fact.)

      • i agree you are bitch
        you can say people don’t think she’s hot but i pretty sure they think (or know) the same thing about you. don’t talk about someone that looks like her when you look like that

      • I didn’t actually say I didn’t think she was hot. I said some people have that opinion. Personally, I think she’s beautiful, but yeah, I also think she has teeny tiny tits. Know why? Cause she DOES.

  • I wonder how long until she leaves her panties at home!

    Wonder twins powers, activate!
    Form of a exotic gull wing car for Hayley with upward opening doors.
    Shape of a paparazzi kneeling down with a SLR camera.

  • About as interesting as she is talented…… which is nooooooooot so much indeed. Go off and die already Parawhore

  • i don’t believe that haley williams would post nude pictures of her self on face book first of all. and i love paramore.SO ALL U PERVERTED BASTARDS OUT THERE WHO CAOMENTED ON HER BODY GO BLOW UR SELFS!!!!!!!

    love u paramore


  • hey she mite have had a bad day and got drunk and forgot to delet them or forgot that she had them cuz i meen wat do we remember when we’re drunk

  • anyone who believes she was hacked ought to have his or head examined. She obviously posted this herself and took it down herself after she realized what she had done.

  • The metadata on the picture shows that the picture was posted 8 minutes after it was posted to her twitter account. c’mon folks, she posted this thing herself.

    Although I know that the metadata could have been altered, why would a hacker post the picture in her twitter stream rather than sending it to an anonymous gamil account, picking up the picture later and then selling it or distributing it worldwide? That is what a real hacker would do.

  • I agree that she obviously posted the wrong picture and then however many minutes later realized, “Whoa, fuck. It’s that naked picture I took for my boyfriend that shouldn’t have been on my phone in the first place.”

    To be honest, that shit made my day. I can’t stand her or Paramore. Might as well be called The Hayley Williams Band, anyway.

  • um shes fucken sexy and amazing fake picture or not i still love her and her music this doesnt chnge my mind wer all grown ups if not get ur ass a justin bieber cd how ever the fuck u spell it hayley i love u and all ur fans arnt going anywhere!!!

  • U people really can’t tell that it is fake! come on,really… Hayley is nothing like that and u can tell it’s not her. People get hacked all the time on the internet
    really think

  • idk why its such a big deal, shes a rockstar, rockstars always get nude at some point. hell the lead singer of the ramones used to pull his dick out on stage almost every show. and by what gwar does this is nothing big at all. . .much like her tits

  • dude she is so hot, and now i cant accuuolly jerk of to her. so long spank bank, hello porno folder