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Paula’s Back!

A photo of Paula Abdul at the TV Land Awards

Not back to American Idol or anything.  No, this is better.  Paula Abdul is the executive producer, creative partner, lead judge, mentor, and coach for a dance competition show, Got to Dance.  The show is going to premiere on CBS sometime mid-season as the U.S. edition of a British show with the same name, and it will no doubt be a train wreck.

I never really got into American Idol, but I have a friend who watches it religiously, and she always sends me clips and says “watch this hilarious audition,” or “watch Ryan Seacrest be ridiculous,” but my favorite has always been when she says “watch Paula Abdul be out of her fucking mind.”  And she always really, really was.  That was when she was just a judge, but if she’s what seems to be the running force of the show then I can’t even begin to imagine that magic.

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  • I suspect that both Paula AND Simon will find out how much they need the Idol machine to be as popular but Ii suspect even more that Idol is going to find out how stupid it is to lose the top two judges…. Karaoke Weekly without those two… zzzzzzzz

  • You can’t be the mentor/coach AND lead judge. Why do you think Tim Gunn’s not a judge on Project Runway? Just one of the many reasons this show is doomed.

  • Yikes, that face! If her lips were just sewn shut it would look like one you would see on a shrunken head in a National Geographic episode.