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Jemi is OVER!!!

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas Call it Quits

Wow. Sometimes news comes across my desk and it kills me to report it, but that’s my job. It’s not all unicorns and Kardashians over here, you know?

So Joe Jonas and Demi Lovaoto have supposedly broken up, and according to the hamface who got the exclusive, not only did the break up happen over the phone, but Joe had his dad break the news to Demi. That’s right, Joe Jonas had his father break up with his girlfriend. How low is that?

Demi’s not heartbroken over it, though. The source said that Demi got her tears out and is already moving on and exploring her dating options. Damn. Demi Lovato is single and almost legal. Shoot. Her stock is through roof. Your loss, JoJoBro.

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  • What a loser that Jonas brother is. You can’t get any more juvenile than to have your dad dump your girlfriend.

  • She scared him away by being so public about their relationship. Although to get your dad to break up with your girlfriend for you? That’s a p*ssy move if ever there was one. She’s better off without him and he’ll be better off when he grows some balls.

    • I agree woth you on the fact that she scared him away, Mike, but for one thing, he has balls. How do you think he manages to go up on stage every night when he’s away on tour, and not collapse with stage fright? I personally could never do what he does, simply because he has way more confidence and doesn’t flout it.

  • Ha, Joe Jonas is a douche. First he dumps Taylor Swift on the phone, now he gets Daddy to do it? That’s pathetic. I’m not a fan of either Swift or Lovato, but seriously man – get some balls.

  • why are you insulting Perez Hilton if he’s better at this job than you are at yours? or is it because of that…?

    • She is not insulting pig penis, his face is made of ham. A fact is not an insult. Just like calling you a cum dumpster is not an insult.

      • excuse me, but if you hadn’t noticed, he doesn’t need that right now, as he wears a purity ring. the promise he made to himself and to the Lord is one of purity. hence the ring.

      • so what? if that wasn’t a sarcasm…just because all teenagers now are related to sex and drugs it doesn’t mean that he should !

  • Shoulda listened to the song T Swift wrote for him and realized the douche was gonna do the same thing all over again.

  • Maybe she will date a guy whose isn’t doing so to disguise his homo-ness. She was probably tired of taking it in the ass anyways. Girl go get some vaginal sex from a real man!

  • girl got used..joe needed her to up his dying PR in the first place. there WAS no love, tweenies.

  • omg…….I love joe, and Love demi…but…i think they are like brother n sister….
    And now i’m realllly happy…cuz they ‘broke up!

  • before you post anything on your little blog..I suggest you go and get all your facts straight. Firstly Joe did NOT get his daddy to break up with Demi for him. And secondly Demi is not already moving on, the breakup was Joe’s idea, but it became a mutual desicion. If you choose not to believe me then go through Demi’s tweets on twitter. This is one of the MOST PATHETIC blogs out there that I have read. Seriously…give up..NOW!!!!

  • they said that joe “thought it wasn’t good for them to be dating and working together.” that’s crap. he broke up with taylor cuz he was too busy with concerts and tours…but he’s always with demi since they’re working together!! but yeah i guess it could affect whatever work they’re doing together…:P stupid move.

    *sources from weekly US magazine

  • they should get back together, god brought them together for a reason, and that reason is their mean to be