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Rihanna’s Showing a Lot of Boob in ‘Rockstar’

A teaser for Rihanna’s Rockstar video came out yesterday. It’s going to be impossible for her to top Rude Boy (from styling to the actual song, it’s one of my favorite things ever) and to be honest, I think this song kind of sucks, but Rihanna knows when to pull out the big guns… or her boobs. Whatever. Check out the 0:23 mark. It’s SFW, technically. I think. I don’t know, I haven’t worked in a real office in four years.

What do you think of Rihanna’s look and Rockstar?

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  • I agree the song sucks. It sucked when it was on Idol. Rihanna may be talented, but she’s definitely not a rock star.

  • i loved the video for ‘rude boy’ too (did anyone think hardcore keith harring in that thing?) but rihanna is out of her mind if she thinks she is a rock star. i know, i know, its an expression. and being a “rockstar” has been taken waaaay out of context nowadays. but rock is supposed to be anarchistic and rebellious… i think rihanna can only be considered a pretty decent popstar, or if wants, a very very mediocre rock star.

  • Where is slash!?
    She is definitely not a rock star in the slightest. Just because you smash a guitar and have a band in the background doesn’t make you a rock star.

    She has to get it though her head that she is pop.