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Lindsay’s Not in Cannes Anymore … Or Rather, She Is, and That’s the Problem

Remember how the Lohan’s got that big, scary “you-might-go-to-jail” court date just looming over the end of this week? Yeah, it looks like Lindsay’s trying to worm her way out of it and crying, “Volcano!” in an effort to miss the important hearing.

Lohan’s currently in Cannes stumping for her latest “movie,” the biopic of porn star Linda “Deep Throat” Lovelace, and is voicing concerns over the amount of volcanic ash still hovering in the airspace that she’s to fly through in order to make it soundly back to LA. Her hearing is scheduled for Thursday and will determine whether or not she’ll go to jail for that pesky alcohol education-violating thingy, but she claims that she hasn’t yet been able to find a flight into LA. Call Oz, baby, call Oz.

Unfortunately for Lindsay, the judge has already claimed that if she’s a no-show for their date, a bench warrant will be issued for her arrest.

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t show. Not only will it make for an excellent story, it might smack some sense into the dumbass and trigger a pattern of better behavior. Lindsay in the Pokey. She could make mils off of that kind of imagery alone.

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