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Christina Aguilera Goes Nude-ish in Germany’s GQ

And she’s kind of reminding me more of the original pop tart, Madonna, rather than Lady Gaga.

Aguilera sits down with GQ‘s German version and dishes on motherhood, sex appeal and music. The June issue, now available in select newsstands, features black and white bondage-type photos of the amazing songstress, who discusses life and a newfound confidence after the birth of her son, Max:

“I was never sharper than now, never attractive, sex has always been a big part of me in my work and private. But today I feel better than ever in my skin. And I understand how I get exactly what I want … That’s part of the change of having a child for me – seeing your body do these things you never thought possible. When you have a baby, you go through a period where your body is not your own. It becomes for your child and that’s it. Once you bounce back from that and kind of get your body back … I feel better than ever. It’s a great feeling.”

And naturally, she’s asked about her Lady Gaga similarities:

“That, in particular, is not even worth wasting the breath to comment on,” said the singer, whose new album, Bionic, drops June 8. “I’ve been around for over a decade and I think my work speaks for myself.

Well said, girlfriend. You remind me more of Madonna than anyone else, anyway. And I’d personally rather bang Madonna than Lady Gaga … at least Madonna circa “Material Girl,” rather than now, at any rate.

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  • She has a great voice.. now if she would just sing and not carry on like a massive brass band every single moment of her life.

  • I read that quote about Gaga about a month ago on some blog. Must not have been this one.

    Xtina can be original again but nobody can stay original doing the same thing over and over. (Look at the number of times Madonna reinvented herself.) I just wish she’d shut up and sing. I don’t care if she is naked on Sunday, feels good in her skin, handles snakes or whatever. It’s like Hollywood types who think I give a shit about their political views. I don’t.

  • i really love love love lady gaga and i do agree with lady gaga and i am one of her best fan. i think what she said is all right like who cares if she is naked i like to be naked too. i dont feel bad about does naked stuff. you feel pretty when you are naked