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These Photos Are a Metaphor for Something Gorgeous

These photos of Ali and Lindsay Lohan gripping each other’s hands as they make their way through a swarm of paparazzi in NYC are deep, you guys. Really deep. Think about it: These sisters have been through hell recently. Lindsay’s been to court, had her father break into her house and then falsely announce to the Internet that she has HIV in the last two weeks. That’s a lot for anyone, but for an emotionally fragile Lohan? Far too much. Maybe the only thing keeping this girl hanging on is the literal and metaphorical unbreakable bond she has with her sister and her mother. It’s beautiful, guys. Really beautiful.

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  • Yes, I was brought to tears.

    Molls just keep hanging on to the literal and metaphorical unbreakable bond you have with your crack pipe. OK?

  • Beautiful like a mountain of coke and some girl’s crotch in your face is beautiful.

  • i really do feel like i’m waiting to hear lindsay lohan has died, every time i see or hear a headline regarding her i think-oh god here we go , she is gone. Lindsay, Please Please get yourself the fuck together, you are letting it all slip away.

  • I might think it were beautiful if I didn’t get the feeling in my gut that Lindsay is drowning & using her impressionable little sister as a life raft…thereby both sinking into the vile muck that most of us see as the Lohan lifestyle.

  • if you really think the things you say on this site stop posting things about her.

  • how can you possibly feel sorry for someone who is willingly breaking the law, got caught, and not taking the consequences. she knows what she is doing, she could have got help and stuck to it, but she chose not to.

  • I agree, Molls. Way to have some empathy. Poor girl probably needs a hand to hold right now.

  • I would love to see Lindsay Lohan get her shit together I LOVED Georgia Rule. Speaking of shit Molls…

  • i dunno molls. her little sister does not need to be in the middle of all that mess. she is not her mother and too young to deal with the many issues lindsay has. lindsay needs an adult in her life not an impressionable teenage girl.
    it actually makes me worried for the little one that she is out partying with lindsay and her sketchy entourage till the am. .would be nice to see one lohan survive that family and grow up to be happy and sorted.

    • Actually, Ali doesn’t party with Lindsay, that’s something that’s repeated that is not true. I see the love of sisters supporting each other through all of the microscope they live under, the history of abuse from the father, and some sort of very strong bond they clearly have that’s special. Ali is private, has matured from the Living Lohan days, and spends most of her time in her family house with her brother and mother on Long Island, NY. When in CA visiting her sister, and traveling, she does some photoshoots, meets agents, learns about the entertainment business, gets pointers from Lindsay’s contacts. Ali’s shown no behavioral problems whatsoever and I think she should be left alone to be whatever she turns out to be without all of the assumptions that she’ll be negatively influenced by Lindsay.

      • It’s true. When Ali was with Lindsay in January reports said she was partying. Turns out she was doing a photoshoot for 6126. There are pics now of Ali from that photoshoot on several sites. Some of the shoot was done at night at a private event. I remember very well this being reported as Ali “partying” with Lindsay and Dina. Wasn’t the case at all. Ali’s really doing well and so far she’s quite different than Lindsay is. Maybe it’s the same thing in the pics above. She’s going to a photo shoot with her sister. Maybe, Ali is also part of the shoot.