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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s NY Pad is Way Overpriced

The Olsen twins’ shared home at One Morton Square is up for grabs, but the girls just can’t seem to dump it. The house was originally up for sale in 2005 and put it on the market for a cool $9.45 mil. Though some said the economy was booming at that point, no one wanted it. So they raised the purchase price. For some reason. They listed it at $11 mil. Now it’s on sale for a cool $8 mil. Savvy businesswomen these chicks are.

I would have been interested in setting down roots myself at One Morton Square, but after finding out that Justin Bartha never paraded around the home with his wang out (the Olsens never lived at the pad), I’m totally retracting my bid.

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    • So I finally looked up the definition of your spelling of samich, and it appropriately said;

      What “rednecks” from the Coal Region call sandwiches.

      Ex: That samich I ate backed up my ass, and I crapped in the turlet for two hours.

      Of course, evilbeetdouche is a stupid fucking hillbilly.

  • I can’t tell if they’re pretty or if they look like aliens. Either way, I’m beyond jealous that one of the is with Justin Bartha.

      • Sarah, I love you and you do a great job, but where is Molls? Is she on administrative leave, work-related probation? Quite frankly, if she worked for me, I’d fire her, but she’s your problem. Where the fuck is she?

      • I love you, too, EBD.

        The lovely Molls is around; she’s on the west coast, so she’s three hours behind (well, behind me, anyway). I wake up when most of you guys are getting ready for bed. :)

      • I’m on the wrong side of the Atlantic (entirely too close to the English for my liking, although I’m close enough to the home of Orange Billy to keep most of them and their drunken Irish cousins at bay) this week and it’s been upsetting my routine. So, if I seem a little cranky, blame it on the stench of the Low Country.

      • The stench of the Low Country. There go the evilbeetdouche mommy references again.