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Ever Wonder What It’s Like Inside the Mouth of a Jersey Shore Guido?

Wonder no more. It’s probably a combination of cigarettes, Pina Colada, Juicy Fruit chewing gum, the nether-regions of other Guidos or Guidettes and now, thanks to Spencer Pratt, “Guid-o Juice.”

“Guid-o Juice” is under research and development by the new dynamic business duo: Spencer Pratt and Snooki’s almost-tanner ex, Emilio Masella. The drink is said to become “the most popular Guido energy drink in the world.” The two have already teamed up in anticipation of the blockbuster show, “Fist Pumping For Love,” but it doesn’t look like the gravy train’s stopping there. Pratt’s obviously doing his damnedest to make sure he gets a piece of the <i>Jersey Shore</i> Guido/Guidette capital and he’ll stop at nothing to do it.

Oh, “Guid-o Juice.”

What’s the fascination, Pratt? Where’s the appeal in this for you? What’s with the hyphen?

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