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Disney and Pixar Are Totally Cool, Totally With It

The folks behind some of the most groundbreaking animation of all time, Disney and Pixar, are utilizing another up-and-coming technology: “viral video”. These faux-commericals for Lots-O’-Huggin’ bear have turned up online and it turns out that they’re actually something put together by the people at Disney and Pixar to promote a new character in Toy Story 3.

The bear itself is actually pretty cute and the bunk VHS-to-digital quality of these clips adds a level of authenticity that makes me wonder what other stunts these cats are gonna pull to promote this new flick.

In terms of animated sequels, you’ll catch me at Shrek 3 over Toy Story 3 any day of the week. Are you looking forward to checking out what’s up with Buzz and Woody?

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  • Are you referring to Shrek Forever After in theaters this summer? Because, if you are, that is Shrek 4, Shrek 3 already came out and was a huge steaming pile. Anyone that would pick Shrek over Toy Story Number Anything is broken in the head, this is not opinion, but scientific fact.

  • Well Shreck 4 is coming out this summer.. But I am a huge toy story fan and these commercials are absolutely fantastic. Toy story is a movie that can move across all age groups, not just the 3-6 age gap. I am pumped and these viral videos just get me more excited. Pixar for the win.

  • I’m watching both.. lol.. I love Shrek, and yes, i would pick Shrek over Toy Story anytime as well, but i admit that i’m going to see both.. Hopefully i’ll have enough money for the premiers too! (cus that’s when they give you suvenirs at the theater LOL….)

  • Toy Story 2 was on constant replay at my house when I was younger. My dad would always call Stinky Pete, “Gassy Asshole”.

  • Shrek 3 was horrible. If it was any indication of what the fourth will be, I won’t even bother with it. I’ll definitely be seeing Toy Story 3, though. So excited!