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Brooke Mueller Moves Out On Account Of The Whores

OK, so Charlie Sheen went to rehab “as a preventative measure”, wound up cheating on his also-rehabbing wife Brooke Mueller whom he held at knife-point around Christmastime with an “escort”, and now his wife is moving out and Charlie’s moving back in… with the whore. Oh my God, have we ever, ever had a better story than that? Tiger Woods and Jesse James are depressing, but this is just delicious. Drugs and whores! I love it!

As of right now, Charlie and Brooke are shuttling back and forth to their joint home and rarely interacting, but neither of them ever staying the night there at the same time. Lord knows where the children are. Can you imagine how smug Denise Richards is right now? Smug as hell would be my bet…

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  • Denise Richards has no reason to be smug. She’s a walking train wreck and a total idiot. She couldn’t even SPELL smug, the stupid asshole.

    • You are probably right.

      All the women who chose to have kids with this loser are losers themselves. It does not take a genius to figure out Sheen is an abusing womanizer. Hell, he has been that way for 30 years.

      • Oh, I was just talking about her hooking up with that pathetic loser Richie Sambora. She has a history with Sheen?

  • Charlie Sheen is just gross. Has been for a long time. As far as Brooke Mueller goes, karma is a bitch, huh? I’m no fan of Denise Richards, but I remember several years ago when Mueller inserted herself in the turmoil and constantly bashed Richards in interviews before she was even married to him. She is getting what was coming to her IMO.

  • makes ya kinda wonder why Denise stayed with him for so long and a crack addict recovering can’t?!?!
    That Denise musta made Charlie look and feel sane …comparatively..(just sayin’)

  • “Drugs and whores!”

    Jeez molls, how eerily similar to your resume. If you had just thrown in the word “retard”.

    Thanks for sharing the “Joni” photo. Have any photos of Janis Ian, or Phoebe Snow?

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