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Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones on Board For Men In Black III

And now your life is complete. Thank Barry Sonnenfeld or your lucky stars or something.

Although Smith confirmed, like, years ago that he’d be willing to do a third installment of the Men in Black series, sources state that they had a hell of a time getting Tommy Lee Jones to commit a return to his recurring role, but no one’s really sure why.  Jones’ latest movies include In the Electric Mist (uh, didn’t see it), The Company Men (again, didn’t see it) and No Country For Old Men (which was great, but it was done in 2007).  You wouldn’t think he’d be so reticent  to recap his role as Agent Kay in a franchise that made almost a billion dollars in ticket sales between its two movies.

The movie’s set to release around the end of May, 2011.

Think this’ll do as well as the other two did in theaters, considering it’s been what, eight or nine years since the sequel was released?

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  • I am so excited for this movie to be made! I remember when talks were going around that instead of TLJ or Will Smith staring, it was going to be Sacha Baron Cohen or Josh Brolin or Jemaine Clement, and I was so depressed. I love this series, they have been put together extremely well, and have the bank to prove that. Barry can’t possibly let anyone down with MIB3. (Which I hear they are aiming to do in 3-D? crap.)

    • You know G, you’re a pretty girl and I’m sure you are smart and hard working. But if shit like this gets you that upset, you should do us all a favor and shave your head and give the hair to kids with cancer – then hang yourself with whatever cable you use to connect to the Internet. If you’re wireless, think 3rd rail in front of a bunch of kids on a field trip. Just some random thoughts. Dying for your feedback.