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Tough Times for Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas, the least-famous Douglas of all the Douglases, was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of $300k for reparations of the intent to distribute meth, cocaine and heroin.

Cameron’s father is none other than Michael Douglas, who is trying to take the blame by fame and a family history of drug abuse for his son’s downfall.  Uh, that’s pretty super, Dad, but the kid’s not going to learn a damn thing if everyone makes excuses for him.

Michael penned a five-page letter to the judge overseeing Cameron’s case and stated myriad reasons as to why Cameron turned out the way he did:

“He is an adult and responsible for his own actions. We do know, however, that genes, family and peer pressure are a strong influence on a substance abuser … I have some idea of the pressure of finding your own identity with a famous father. I’m not sure I can comprehend it with two generations to deal with.”

It was reported years ago that Cameron was hooked on drugs around the age of thirteen and only attempted to clean up his act when the family threatened to cut him off from their fortunes.

During the trial, Cameron was said to be contrite and cooperative with the investigation. Prior to yesterday’s sentencing, Cameron read a letter that he, himself, had penned regarding his behavior:

“I apologize to my family and loved ones for this nightmare and my behavior … to the court for my decisions and actions. I want to be a productive family member and role model for others to get advice, guidance and support and steer them in the right direction.”

I wonder how long he’s actually going to spend behind bars. I also wonder if this wake-up call is of enough caliber to show him that he’s fucked up on a grand-scale. Substance abuse sucks but once you go beyond using to dealing to distributing, it’s no joke — you’re no longer a small-time thorn in the DEAs side. I think the kid got way in over his head in this situation and relied on Daddy’s money and pull to drag him out of it. While I’m glad to see a pusher off the streets, it’s still pretty sad that someone can be deluded enough to think that their “star” will prevent them from having to face accountability.

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    • I also love how people who smoke/snort/inject/swallow drugs are all like “glad” to see a “pusher” off the streets but do the shit themselves.
      Here’s a way to get them all off the streets and be “super glad”…..

      Don’t do drugs!

      Pretty fucking ingenious huh?

      See how the mind can function properly when it isn’t clogged with bong resin.

  • Too bad, so sad. Even Daddy’s money and power can’t keep him out of prison. The scales of justice balance equally for all. Do you hear that Mr. Polanski?

    • I think Sarah was referring more to how long hes actually GOING to spend behind bars since it’s obvious that most famous people only end up serving a fraction of their time in the off chance that they go to jail. It was clear in the first sentence of this post how many years he was sentencd to.

      Great job on another spectacular display of reading comprehension. I forgot youre probably one of those people who just reads half understands an eighth and forgets all about it by the time they post their nonsensical comment.s


      • “I forgot youre [sic] probably…”

        I guess you’re also one of those people who assumes something one day, then thinks it’s fact the next! Good job not forgetting a thought you had no basis forming at some other time!