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Snooki Dumped Her Man Over Voicemail – OMG! DRAMA!

We don’t know Nicole “Snooki Nudes” Polizzi as the classiest lady and the details of her most recent break-up aren’t exactly helping her change that rep. The Snookster broke up with her boyfriend Emilio Masella on his voicemail, according to the dumpee. I thought it was bad when my ex dumped me on a flip phone, but this is really bad. I mean, at least I got the best of his anytime minutes.

For whatever reason Emilio hasn’t sold this message, but he did give a statement to People about the break-up:

“I told Nicole I tried out for Real World and she was upset. She thought I was using her to get on the show which is ridiculous.” An argument ensued, and at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, he received a voicemail from his angry girlfriend saying, “You’re nothing. You’re single.”

OK, awesome. Emilio is implying that Snooki was implying that she has so much fame and/or star appeal that MTV would cast a boyfriend of a Jersey Shore housemate on The Real World and create some sort of totally inevitable and bizarre spin-off? IDK, Snook. IDK.

And there’s more:

Masella was confused and tried to call her back, but she hung up on him. What he didn’t expect were the allegations of infidelity — “I’d never cheat on her–I love her,” he says — and the rumors that Snooki hooked up with her costar Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino on Monday.

“I talked to her yesterday and I was like, ‘You know I’d never cheat on you; I’d never do something so low,’” he says. “She said she hadn’t hooked up with anybody [either] — but she freakin’ lied to me. She put out there that I cheated, which is ridiculous, and now the tables have turned. It sucks.”

Reps for the Jersey Shore star have not return calls for comment.

1) These people are like human cess pools. 2) LOL. I can’t believe Snooki has a rep.

Oh, also, these two are totally doing that thing that everyone did with their high school sweetheart when they broke up the first week of college freshman year:

“I talked to her yesterday afternoon and I fought with her,” he says. “I [told her] she has no reason to be mad — and she hung up on me. I told her, ‘You can’t expect me to stay home and never go out if you’re gone for two months.’”

“But I’m not a scumbag,” he says. “She said, ‘If you want to have fun, bye,’ and she hung up. She’s being very jealous and spiteful.”

Remember, these two just met in January and Snooki’s been filming a reality show in another city for at least the last few weeks. All this drama over a split-second relationship? Ugh.

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  • He’s upset because at 5’2″, he cant find many girls to make him seem tall like Snookie.

  • She is truly the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever seen…..p.s. – the nasty bitch ain’t even Italian!

  • She’s the Jan Gosselin of Jersey with her man.. Don’t out shine nor stand in my private skanky-make-money spotlight dude. He missed a deadly bullet and should be grateful.

    Nicole “Snooki” is a self proclaimed “guidette” from Marlboro, New York outside of Poughkeepsie and an aspiring veterinary technician. She describes her ideal man as one who fits the guido stereotype and enters the experience hoping to meet the man of her dreams. She is the center of controversy when a man punches her in her face during a bar confrontation.[20] She previously suffered from an eating disorder in high school.[21] Her friends started calling her “Snooki” in middle school after the character “Snooki the cootchie crook” from the film Save the Last Dance because she was the first of her friends to make out with a boy.[22]

    • that’s what I’d heard. Well, she’s American, but her family must be from Chile. She is truly a disgrace to any nation. No one in Chile is anything like this thing. God she looks disgusting, her face is orange. That is definitely an American effect, you never see anyone in Chile looking this ridiculous.