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Ron Weasley Gets Nekkid and Has Some Sex, Calls it “Nerve-Wracking”

I am a hardcore, long-time fan of the Harry Potter books and movies, and I’ll be honest with you — I felt totally dirty even writing that headline, let alone considering the quasi-truth behind it.

Rupert Grint, most famous for his role as Ron in the Harry Potter franchise, speaks out about a flick that debuted his on-screen sexin’ skills. The film is called “Cherrybomb” and it was released in 2009. I did not see it.

Cherrybomb centered around a trio of young adults drinking, smoking, sexing and partying the weekend away. The trio begins stealing cars and doing a whole crapload of illegal things and the fun turns a bit serious when they realize they’re in over their heads.

Grint says:

“In ‘Harry Potter’ it was just a kiss, really. It was suggestive more than anything. This was a lot more intimate. It was quite nerve-wracking. I was quite nervous about it [the sex scenes].”

When asked if he could follow in Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe’s steps in donning his dong for all of the world to see, Rupert states:

“I don’t think I could. Just being on stage would be quite a scary thing, let alone with no clothes on. It takes a lot of courage.”

Cherrybomb was nominated for an Irish Film and Television award for Best Original Score.

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  • Am I a perv if I find him eerily attractive?
    I’ll take him over that Pattinson dork any day.

  • One, FUCK he’s hot.

    Two, somebody really needs to clarify that photo cause I totally thought that was Emma Watson and I was like WHOA HOLD UP I DO NOT REMEMBER THAT CHAPTER.

    • It’s not!?

      That would have made my life complete. I’m not into Harry Potter in the least but I think Emma Watson is just unbelievably gorgeous and Rubert is not too bad himself!

  • Yikes – he’s a natural vampire – he probably glows in the dark, he’s so pale. I like those just-crawled-out-from-under-a-rock complected Brits.

    • I think it mostly has to do with the fact that he is a flaming ging, not a Brit. But I’m sure that helps to make his skin translucent. :)

    • i so agree with you he would have been a much better vamp the rob pattinson! i bet kristen would have liked him better to

  • Last I heard that film was having trouble finding a distributor. I wonder what happened with that. Did anyone actually see it?!

  • lmao you got me worried for a second there… The chick looks a lot like Emma Watson… But i’m glad it isn’t, and that this is not in the new Harry Potter movie, because that would have just totally fucked it up for me….