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Kiefer Sutherland Laments the Loss of 24 By Getting Tossed Out of a Tittie Bar

Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland was thrown out of a London-based nude bar early this morning for disorderly conduct.

The incident took place at Stringfellows club in London. Reports state that Sutherland had gotten drunk and raucous and had removed his shirt (uh … I think you have that backwards, there, friend) while yelling and screaming at performers, patrons and staff.

UK paper, The Sun states that Sutherland had gone berserk, “shouting nonsense and dancing before kicking off when asked to leave.”

Bouncers were said to have thrown the star out into the street, where he sat in a vehicle, shirtless and sulking. For awhile.

24 star and Executive Producer, Sutherland, has been touring in London for the past week in an effort to promote his new movie, “Twelve.”

So fucking ironic.

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