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Kate Gosselin Kind of Has a Point

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With The Meatball suing her for primary custody of their eight kids, Kate Gosselin has once again found herself defending her parenting ability. The jazzy mom hit up the Today Show this morning to talk with mah gurl Meredith Vieira about why she’s actually the one who’s doing everything she can to support the fam:

“I’ve got to work harder now than ever because I am a single mom. In my heart I’m always in my kitchen, baking and cooking for my kids, and I’ll always be there. It’s a struggle to be here [in New York], to be anywhere. The emotion that you see is because I would rather be at home with them. I have to work. I have to provide for them. And it’s a struggle that every working mom, especially single moms, go through, and I’m really feeling it now, and it’s really hard. If I had 24 hours a day seven days a week with eight kids, it wouldn’t be enough time in my book. So, to minus out the working days is really hard. But I make the most of every minute I have with them … When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.”

OK, so bear with me: I think that she’s not wrong. Yes, she spends the majority of her time right now across the country from her kids while she’s filming a reality show. And yes, she has many luxuries that most single mom’s don’t.  And sure, if she “really really wanted to” she could go get a job at WalMart or some receptionist gig or whatever would be more low-profile. But that’s not where her life’s at. She’s living a celebrity life right now and she’d be a fool not to cash in on that. If her broke-ass husband is never going to get his shit together (and you know that’s true), then she better be making stacks right now. She has eight kids to put though therapy AND college.

My instinct is to bash the woman because only a thickheaded monster would have ever put themselves in this position in the first place, but at the same time, it seems like she’s making attempting to make the best of what is probably a gross life to live. Jon’s just a hater, you know?

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  • Jon might be a hater, but Kate is a manipulator. I have ZERO sympathy for this woman. She got pregnant with six kids specifically because she wanted to be famous. Every problem she has is one of her own making, but what’s truly despicable is that every problem her eight kids have is ALSO one of her own making.

    Jon is a douchetard, no doubt, but it’s clear that Kate always wore the pants in the family. In fact, Jon might as well be Kate’s unofficial ninth child. He’s the oldest, so he’s the first to rebel and pitch a public hissy fit, but I’m betting that same scenario is going to play out eight more times before this sad sideshow shitfest is over.

      • They did in-vitro and when the doctors recommended her to abort some of the foetuses to avoid higher risks they plainly refused. So, erm, kind of.

      • There are actually a pretty high number of women who wouldn’t even CONSIDER aborting fetuses even in such a high risk pregnancy. “Not aborting fetuses” doesn’t mean “got pregnant with six babies on purpose”, you fucking idiot.

      • If you’ve ever watched an episode of Jon and Kate and DIDN’T think Kate got pregnant with those six babies on purpose, the fucking idiot is YOU. My comment was specifically about Kate, not all women in general, you whiny pathetic little c***.

      • I wasn’t directing that comment at you, Mike, though thanks for being such a peach. mireee was the one who implied that not aborting was the same as doing intentionally.

      • Mercy, believe it or not but you have my most sincere apologies. It truly seemed like a reply to what I wrote and I now regret my knee-jerk reaction.

  • if it’s intimate advice for her kids, why does she need to publish it for the rest of America to read. And I bet my right arm that she didn’t even write the book.

  • Just for the record, single moms get up in the morning, get their kids ready in a hurry, and everyone scurries out the door so as not to be late for school and a full-time job. Then at night, single moms pick up their kids from daycare, rush home to cook dinner, take time for homework, then bath time, then story time, then bedtime. Single moms do not leave their children with nanny’s while they themselves trot across the country to sit in a hair and make-up chair and bitch about how no one understands them. REAL single moms don’t have time to whine about how no one understands them; they’re too busy being single moms. What I’m trying to say here is SHUT THE FUCK UP KATE GOSSLIN! GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABIES!

    • There are single moms who are flight attendants and who are gone for days at a time, but then they come home for even more days at a time than the average working mom would get. I think Kate may be away a lot now, but it is not permanent. She will get voted off the show. When she comes home she will be home for more days in a row than the average mother.I personally wonder if she really needs to do this. I think that she should have enough money from TLC to get out of the limelight and focus on her kids now that they are going through such a hard time, There is the possibility that she does need the money bc there’s no telling what Jon was spending it on when they shared money.Plus they have a large house and the kids go to private school and will need to go to university.

      • IIRC, at some point on Jon & Kate + Eight, the kids were all given full college scholarships to a Pennsylvania area university. Just for being born and having parents who sold them out to get on TV. Hopefully they can cash those scholarships in and use the money to pay for a few decades worth of therapy.

      • When she gets voted off she’s going on a book tour to promote her book which is about more stuff the kids will eventually hate her for making public.

        She has no intentions on staying home.

    • Whatever! In my last job I had to travel at least twice a month for several days at a time. REAL single moms are all different with different circumstances in life.

  • Cry me a river, Kate! I refuse to believe that she’d rather be home baking and cooking for her kids. She’s had dollar signs in her eyes from the very beginning, and she’s not going to halt the gravy train to become Suzie Homemaker in little old Pennsylvania now that she’s had a taste of celebrity. She is a fame-whore narcissist, and her kids will end up paying the price in the end.
    BTW, why wasn’t she at home with her kids INSTEAD OF giving the same old boring interview about wanting to be home with her kids?! Seems like those trips to New York take away from her home time just as much as “providing for her children” by appearing on DWTS does! She’s a mess.

  • I totally agree with Kate. Her retarded husband is never gonna grow up and she’s the only adult responsible for those kids, she HAS to work and try her best. And all the people saying that Kate should go home and get another job, get in her shoes for a second, if you had the choice to either make 20,000 a year working at wal mart for the rest of your life, or make 2M a year doing a stupid little dancing show for a couple of weeks, you would do the exact same thing, unless you’re an idiot. A parent has to do what they have to do in order to provide for their kids, PERIOD. Especially when you have no support whatsoever from anybody else.
    It’s so bizarre to me that anybody would even consider what Jon has to say, if i was the judge reading Jon’s complaint, i would be lmao and telling him to grow the fuck up.

    • If getting 2M a year means not seeing my child for WEEKS at a time, then no, I wouldn’t take the money and I wouldn’t say that I’m an idiot either. I would say that I’m a mother who loves her child more than any number of zeros following a dollar sign. This is coming from a single mother who is getting no support whatsoever from anybody else. You don’t DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, you DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CHILD. Being there is ALWAYS what is best for a child.

      • So you would actively turn down money that could easily be spent making your child/children happy and comfortable for the rest of their lives? Are you retarded? I sound like a Kate fan here, and I’m really NOT, but come the fuck on, you want her to raise eight kids while she’s working part-time at the local grocery store, trying to swing all her bills on the tiny book revenue she’ll get once her fifteen minutes is over? Yeah fucking right. She might be jetting all over the damned place and leaving her kids with nannies, but I’m pretty sure she’s leaving her healthy, happy, well-fed and groomed children with nannies. You can’t say what you would do in that situation because you’re NOT in that situation, and to imply that you “love your child” more than the money that would adequately support your child for a very long time is fucking stupid.

  • This is such an echo of what’s been said, but it’s apparent that she’s “into” the spotlight. Whine, whine, whine about having to be absent, but you’re creating the situation. If you don’t like it, THEN STOP. There are several other career opportunities out there that don’t require constant travel or media-whoring. What was her financial plan in the first place? Also, I really like what someone said earlier – although I have no kids and no real emotional connection to this, I LOATHE when people who bring in $2m per year and have nannies all over the place call themselves “single moms”. It’s really self-victimizing and playing up a buzz word that isn’t aptly being placed.

  • i dont think people need to bash her. there are so many “celebrities” out there they leave their kids to go out and make money. she ended up on tv and is now trying to bank what she can. no one gives a shit about all the stars that leave their kids to do their jobs – but for some reason they all hate on really does not make the slightest difference on how many kids she has. if you are away from home and your children, even if you have one at home or eight. no difference at all.

    • that’s only part of it though. How many of those famous people are famous just for having a litter? And how often do they have these interviews reminding everyone how oh so difficult the life is?

  • Kate has a nursing degree. She doesn’t “have to” support her kids on DWTS. She wants too.

  • she may have a point, but she continues to play this single mother card as though she’s struggling and barely scraping by. she never seems to acknowledge that she has help and there never seems to be any allowance for the negative effect all this drama has on the children.

  • As much as I dislike her, I tend to agree with her. She’s striking while the iron’s hot because 1) she’s got eight kids and Lord knows that fat buddah of an ex-husband isn’t helping foot the bills and 2) she’s a fame whore.

    She used to be a nurse and nurses are the hardest working people on the planet. You think she’d see her kids more if she went back to her “real job”? No way in hell.

  • Wah wah wah. Quit your bellyachin’ Kate. You just made yourself the bigger wage earner-so dance your robotic ass off, do a whirlwind book tour, guest host on the View, and bitch on all the talk shows.
    Jon’s not doing anything right now, so let him stay home with the kidlets. He is, after all, their father. Would Kate choose a nanny over the Douchetard?

    • I would probably choose a homeless drunk over The Meatball, if I were her. Have someone who is professionally trained in child care or someone who is professionally trained is being a douchebag attention whore? Nanny wins hands down every time.

    • That’s why Jon filed his custody suit. Evidently she won’t let him stay with the kids when she’s away unless it’s his ‘turn’ with them.

  • I’m no fan of Jon’s, but we can’t assume he’s not paying his child support. Kate has never claimed the douche is behind on payments. He is still under contract with TLC & I’m sure all his cash goes to his kids. If Jon ever missed a payment Kate would be crying to every media outlet about her deadbeat ex, but that hasn’t happened. And WHY does Kate insist she is a single mother?!! She is a divorced mother!!!! There IS a big difference! She may not like it, but that IS her reality.

  • I’m sick to death of this whiny,star struck bitch! First it was the t.v. show, then all the book tours, talk show appearances, DWTS and when that is over (soon I hope!) she is off to film her new TLC show where she is “traveling all over the US to interact with other single moms”. She obviously is NOT concerned about her children. I hate her!

  • Ugh. She’s such a victim! She does nothing but whine and place blame on anyone and everyone except herself. Jon may be an idiot, but he would be there for his kids if she’d let him. He is doing stupid things to rebel because he had to live with Kate all those years. She had to be harder on him than his mother ever was. I don’t defend him, because his acting out is over the top. However, both of their crappy behavior is going to ruin those kids.

    She doesn’t have to worry about college tuition for her kids – it’s already paid for. They had no reason to purchase the multi-million dollar house and grounds that require expensive upkeep. They had plenty of room in the other house. She could have paid off that house, invested the rest of her TLC earnings and worked as an RN making decent money and have been comfortable. She could have walked away and given her kids a normal life. Her kids don’t need to go to private school, they don’t need a pool, they don’t need “grounds”, they don’t even need matching outfits for crap sake. It’s all about mama. She has ZERO talent and even less personality. Believe me, popping out a litter (I had a small one – triplets) doesn’t make you “special”. If she wasn’t such an icy shrew, perhaps her douchy husband might have stuck around and kept his day job. I also know families with eight or more kids that don’t need all the crappy trappings these losers think they need and even though some have multiple sets of multiples would NEVER invite cameras into their homes to disrupt their kids. It’s all about your values and how much you’re willing to compromise those values.

    Furthermore, (adding to my novel) she needs to get treated for depression, because I’ve never seen anyone frown so much. What a downer she must be.

  • Must have power, be in control at all times even if I am thousands of miles away my children shall NOT do anything I do not allow..

  • I agree the kids will need therapy, but not only because of Jon. The children saw how mean she was to him. He was her slave for almost ten years and he put up with her bitching for longer than most men would have. I am so tired of people blaming everything on Jon. NO, he was not perfect and never will be, but she isn’t either. Sometimes I wonder if the people who seem to think she does no wrong ever even watched the show.

  • Molls-The kids have been given scholarships for a college in Penn. They don’t need to save a fortune for college. If they have expenses on top of that, tough. Most people don’t get free rides to university so this is another perk for them. If they decide to go to another university, that is a choice they are making and they will have to pay up. Student loans suck but they are a reality. I don’t particularly love paying back mine.

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  • Kate says “When I’m home, we make those little spots of time really big in our memories.” Yeah in between her 7 hour hair sessions, fake baking, nail appts, starbucks runs etc etc…….Sure she spends time with them.

  • I will never EVER have sympathy for this woman. She COULD be at home with her children but instead she’s doing glamour projects like Dancing With The Stars and buying $1000 hair extensions.

    This woman is not a representation of single mothers…the brigade of nannies she has working for her are.

    After my dad died my mom worked long and hard at a job that she hated in order to support my brothers and I and put us through university. My mom is a testament to single mothers everywhere, not this fame-whoring bitch who decided to play god with invitro.

    Maybe she’s a bit more redeeming than Jon but that isn’t saying much, I still find her to be one of the most vile people out there. Profitting off her children is disgusting.

  • Excuses such as moms need a break or a little fun just don’t hold water. Kate HAS time off when Jon has visitation. And she can well afford a sitter or cleaning service to help pick up the slack as needed. But she can not possibly meet the emotional needs of her 8 tax exemptions when she’s away from them half of the month or more like she has been the past couple of months. She knows that parenting eight kids is an absolutely full-time job — at least she knew it before money and infamy went to her head.
    In 2005, Kate Gosselin appealed a Medicaid decision to no longer continue to provide a full time nurse for the sextuplets after the age of one year. Kate is quoted as saying, “I am urging them to see us as a rare situation, which we are,” she said. “And I am begging them to make a special exception. They are six individuals. One mom cannot take care of them. “I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I’m talking about time to talk about feelings, read books and the absolute bare necessities to get done. I cannot do it five days a week.”
    htt p://dlisted.c om/node/26725