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Will You Be Tuning In to Twist of Kate?

Looks like Dancing With the Stars alum, Kate Godzillasselin has hooked yet another show where her “fans” can watch her downward mental spiral.

Kate’s landed a spin-off of the TLC hit show Jon and Kate Plus 8 and filming commences around the time that Kate gets kicked off DWTS or something. Ha.

The show centers around Kate and her eight children surviving the aftermath of Jon Gosselin, divorce, floods of paparazzi and her embarrassing stint of being a “star” on a lukewarm dancing show. Reps for the show state that Gosselin will be addressing her “hoards” of fan mail throughout the shows and will help others focus on life as a single mother in today’s society, serving as their mentor.

Kate tells USA Today that she show is currently a “loose concept“:

“I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.”

What do you guys think, are you ready for more yelling, hair extensions and mini-breakdowns?

I think a lot of you are, you crazy, Kate-lovin’ maniacs.

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  • I really think Kate should embrace her bitchiness. People would like her a lot more if she stopped pretending to be nice. She could be the female version of Simon Cowell and have her own show judging husbands. Id definitely watch that.

  • Since when do “single mothers” receive $20,000 a month in child support? I guess Kate doesn’t like the sound of “divorced mother”. There is a big difference.
    I refuse to tune in to this show – she is the LAST person I want to hear advice from about anything in life. Will she berate these poor souls into agreeing with her?!

    • Being a single mother myself, living on a below average salary and working in a doctors office….seriously, how the fuck does she compare. I would have no problem walking a mile in her shoes. AT ALL.

      Oh well…congrats Kate, you sure know what your doing.

      • At least you get healthcare. I hear Kate’s got hammertoes, so stay out of her shoes. Stay strong Another Amanda.

  • I wouldn’t watch this show if it was the last thing on T.V.
    Kate Gosselin is so irrelavent it’s not even funny.
    I wish that she would just go away.
    Stop entitling the bitch.

  • She——-She is really hot!+++ I saw her profile on days ago.+++ So sexy and beautiful!