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Jon Gosselin Filing For Primary Custody of the Kids That He Hasn’t Seen in Four Years

Okay, okay … four years is an obvious exaggeration, but you get it.

Word on the street is that Jon Gosselin’s blown all of his TLC-borne money on cigarettes, Hostess Twinkies and skiing trips with nineteen year-old snow bunnies, so now he’s looking to gain primary custody of his children so that Kate, the estranged wife, has to pay him child support.

Damn, what an upstanding young man.

Gosselin, who’s been away from his kids for weeks at a time without seeing them, claims that Kate is an “absentee parent” and does not deserve primary custody of the couple’s eight children.

That’s pretty great, Jon Gosselin. You didn’t give a rat’s ass about your kids when you were porking Hailey Glassman and all of the other classy ladies that were just falling at your feet, why start now?

Oh, right.

Because you’re broke and your buddy Michael Lohan’s got a “big wedding” coming up. Translation: It’s evident that the cash-cow-coke-fronting days are over.

That’s as good a reason as any, I guess.

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  • Well, he could prove that she submitted the kids to “cruel and unusual punishment”. All he has to do is show her Dancing with the Stars Videos to the court. Case Closed, you uncoordinated skanky bitch!

  • I feel sorry for those kids. Neither one of these two is a good parent. Obviously Jon G.’s a huge jerk for abandoning them in the first place, but I agree that Kate’s pretty much doing the same thing (unless of course DWTS is shot somewhere in PA). A couple of famewhore’s who deserve each other, if you ask me.

    • In her defnese I did see her shopping for paper towels and ice cream at my local Target 2 Thursdays ago. She was with the two oldest. The supposed ‘live’ dancing with the stars…I was surprised to see her. So I am sure every minute she gets, she gets home to the kids.

  • I agree that Jon has not been a stellar parent at times but I truly believe he is a better parent than Kate. Kate is quick to dump the kids on anyone willing to watch them. It seems like everytime she sees them she turns it into a photo op. This woman is a horrible person.

    • Really? I don’t agree. Whenever he was at the house he was tooling around in the backyard, running to the fence with a cell phone and cig everytime the Paps drew near. Where were the children all of these times? No where in the frame, thats for sure.

      The unfortunate reality is that her life is a photo op…its how she earns her living to support her kids.

  • I’m sure he’s hoping the kids will be skank bait. “If one kid can attract one woman, think of what 8 will do!”

    • He just wants the gain control of them before the girls are old enough to invite chicks over for sleepovers.

      • Good point!

        Plus he probably thinks he can get one of those slutty teachers who normally go after teenagers.

        Or he wants to join a bunch of groups for single parents looking to mingle.

  • I am known on here for sticking up for dads when it comes to custodian issues, but I hope to God that the judge sides with the mother this time.

  • Did you see the custody order? kate has full say over whether he sees the kids, when and under what circumstances…. I’m not saying he is in the right for the string of 20 somethings but there is a side to this story we are all missing. Who is to say that Kate didn’t say why bother or restrict his access to the kids? Who is to say that they are oth even human beings and the kids are not borgs of some nature.

    I don’t know… I’m sick of both of them.

  • The custody order also says that TLC will only pay Kate if Jon does not have another job (other than his TLC contract!). NO WONDER it always appears as though he is not working!!! And it says that Jon is supposed to live in the guest house. Sounds like Kate has been calling the shots for far too long.

  • They both suck as parents. What a couple of petty, self absorbed a-holes. Maybe those kids would be better off with thier grandparents or some other relative. I dislike both of these media-whores.

    • Yeah, why can’t they be more like Tom Cruise and his wife, or Brad and Angie, or Madonna and her clan, or, or, or, or……………………………

      • Every single one of them. Every moment they parade them around like just another fashion accessory.

      • I agree with you except for Bran and Angelina. They don’t seem to be whoring their kids out as much as making sure their kids get to have lives outside of their compounds.

        I’d say the same thing about Suri Cruise, but we all know she’s just a foil for her dad’s inability to admit who he is, so her whole existence is being whored out. Plus, Scientology owns her ass.

      • Guess so. Except the only reason J & K even got a show in the first place was because of thier kids…

  • It is said he is already in relationship with a young beautiful woman on that site now. ? ??$$$$$$

  • I wonder sometimes if people who think Kate is so great even watched the TLC show. This woman treated her husband like crap. No, he is not the perfect parent, but he also doesn’t have TLC backing him like they do their cash cow, Kate. Jon did wrong by getting involved with other women so soon, but again, after the way Kate treated him for so long, I imagine he just needed to feel “wanted.” That should not give Kate the right to dictate when and how long he can see the kids. They both need to stop all the photo ops and truly concentrate on those children.

      • You’re totally right, Anonymous. And originally it was the kids that people watch for. Now it’s just these two being douches that get people’s attention. If they even tried to put out a show with the kids now, I think people would revolt. Or maybe I’m wrong.

  • I think Jon Gosselin is lazy ..He had not paid any money for the care of his kids// And he don’t have a job….