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Really Didn’t Know Blogging Was Part of the Crime and Punishment Curriculum.

Lil Wayne, or Weezy, or whatever the fuck this douchenozzle goes by nowadays — you know, the one that’s in jail now or whatever — recently launched a new website (from jail, mind you) by the name of  According to reps, Wayne wants to keep in touch with his publix public while in the pokey and what better way to do it than taking to the internet — via some kind of misplaced bureaucratic-bullshit privilege?

I think this guy, his entire website and the all the high-horse, self-praising crap that comes out of his foul-assed mouth is totally reprehensible. Dude’s in jail, not time-out at the daycare center. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he is some kind of convoluted celebrity or not — when you go to jail, it’s to be punished, not to make a mockery of the entire judicial system not only by taking advantages of opportunities that no other inmates get, but by blasting the powers that be who allowed your nasty ass these perks to begin with.

This guy is totally no stranger to making uneducated, baseless assumptions relative to crime, punishment and polite society; he took to his Twitter around the time that he was sentenced and blasted the court system by saying:

“Law is mind without reason … I’ll return.”

“Law is mind without reason.”  Classic. Thought-provoking. Spoken like a true rebel fourteen year-old.

An excerpt from this guy’s first blog entry, just to underscore how ridiculous he actually is:

“Love. Live. Life. Proceed. Progress. That’s who I am and who I’ll always be. You see, we’re all living on borrowed time, so I’m not worried about this situation.”  [Ed. Note: That’s … great. I’m glad you’re not worrying about the fact that YOU’RE IN PRISON.]

Wayne goes on to say that he’s “aware” of his “haters”:

“To those who hate. Hate is only a form love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.”

Yeah, I’m going to have to strenuously beg to differ on that one. Yes, Wayne, I am a self-proclaimed hater. But believe me … it’s not because I don’t “logically” know how to express my love. It’s because you, kind sir, are an asshole and I kind of have this affinity for despising deplorable human beings, sorry pally-o.

But whatever. I’m sure you’re glad that you’re in the slammer, Wayne. It’ll give you lots of fodder for your next album … gotta build that cred one way or another. Or something.

Fucking fool.

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    • Where is Molls? I totally forgot about her, and my constant stomach cramps when reading her posts.

  • He’s not blogging from prison. Get your facts straight. He writes things-on paper- and it’s his manger that posts it.

    • Freeweazybaby is what the rest of the inmates call Lil Wayne’s ass at shower time. I bet he wishes he had a better thug name than “Lil” right now.

  • lmao Sarah, you’re very funny… I ABSOLUTELY agree with you on this, i couldn’t have said it better.

  • Yes, but I also feel the need to point out, that even Perez Hilton mentioned that he ISN’T actually posting from jail, but writing the posts – ALL inmates have the privilege of writing on paper if they so wish – and having someone on the outside update his blog for him?

  • Holy crap, if you dont agree with what he is doin or his music or whatever, why are you fueling it with this post. All I see here is someone bitching about someone they dont like because they are doing something. You obviously dont like this man, and it’s apparent you know very little or nothing about him. So way to go sarah, I do believe that is called prejudice. I’m sure you won’t be lonely with that trait, there are certainly no shortage of assholes in the world.

  • seriously? what is the deal with people and their superiority attitudes? its like the group on facebook ‘can this pickle get more fans than nickleback!’. its ridiculous. you may write for a blog but at least try to be factual while doing so. fuel to the fire, my dear.

  • Lol, being prejudice does not always indicate racism. It’s simply judging someone you dont know for reasons you are unsure of. The “race card” was not played here at all, but nice job representing yourself there.

  • Why all the hate? The guy’s in jail, so what, does that make him the devil? I’m not a huge fan of Lil Wayne, but I will admit that he’s incredibly talented and a true artist. Plus, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t imagine CARING enough about a celebrity, i.e., someone that I’ve never even met, that I HATE them. Kind of sad.
    Anyway, sorry, Beet, and Sarah, but I’m really not crazy about the new writing. Where are Wendie and Molls, or even Kelly? Just not crazy about Sarah’s posts, sorry. Very disappointing.

    • Apparently “true talent” now means having your teeth removed so you can give “smoove” jail house blow jobs.

      • ok ummmmm this comment is like so retarded. lil wayne did nothing to yu or the rest of the people who have no lives and diss him. he’s in jail !!!!! woah!! not the first celebrity in jail yuh know. its very sad that you would write such a thing about somebody yu dont know!!!! in your post yu say words that lil wayne say in his songs and yu judge him becuase of his language….and look at yu cussing your ass off !! yea thats smart

  • Okay… the fact that “he writes things-on paper- and it’s his manger [that’s spelled manager, BTW] that posts it” means “he’s not blogging from prison”?

    So I guess that means Harry Potter wasn’t “written” by J.K. Rowling because “she just wrote the words on paper and her publisher put it in the books”. (Not that I am putting this thug in the same sphere are J.K. Rowling, y’all understand).

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  • Really ? First , I would like to point out how you called Lil Wayne “foul-mouthed” . Hypocritical , much ? Look at you . What is your deal with him , bitch ? And how can you sit there and call him an “asshole” ? Do you know him personally ? Have you ever met this man ? Doubtful . Why don’t you keep your rude comments and thoughts to yourself ? More people love Lil Wayne , than folks that dislike him . If anybody’s an asshole , it’s you . Judging him like you know him , his life , and his struggles . I’m glad you don’t know him . His music would probably suck with having all your negative energy around . So do us all a favor , and keep your dicksucker shut . Thanks so much , bitch . (: And everybody else who posted negative shit . . . FUCK OFF !