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I Don’t Follow Dancing With the Stars, But Damn is This Shit Funny.

So, Kate Gosselin danced to Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” on the latest Dancing With the Stars (and damn, sorry, I must have missed the memo on Gosselin being a “star” somewhere along the line).

If you missed the performance, I’ve taken the liberty to verbally reenact it for you: Kate stumped clumsily around the floor looking pissed and constipated and in the words of the judges, the entire presentation was … “odd.” Enough said.

Granted, the woman can dance a shade better than I can ever claim to — and if you know me in person, you’ll know that’s not a compliment — but I think the entire thing kind of came across as presumptuous, pompous and awkward.

I didn’t even know those three adjectives could fit together in a coherent sentence properly … but that was before I watched this vid.


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  • she cant dance and this is not the show for her, but im over all the kate hate. Im surprised she hasnt had a meltdown considering all the bs she has to put up with.

  • lmao i think it’s hillarious… She can’t dance, and she looks ridiculous in those clothes they make her wear.. Which makes it really funny to me..

    I also don’t know why she’s considered a “star” and she said this was totally her dance, because of the song.. And i don’t know.. I just would be ebmarrassed if i was her for doing this ridiculous show, especially when you cannot dance at all..

  • Some celebrities *get* dancing, while others apparently don’t. And the celebrities we follow say a lot about us – about our dreams and desires. At the risk of sounding “presumptuous, pompous and awkward,” I think we need some new celebrities.

  • Yeah, it was not good. I think she just doesn’t have a shred of rhythm in her body. Nothing I can really blame her for though, since I am the same way.

    Lucky for her, if she wants to stay on that is, Buzz Aldrin was more painful to watch. Yeah he is 80 years old but I think that makes it worse when all he can really muster is slowly walking across the dance floor!

    They both need to go ASAP to save them any more embarrassment.

  • I think she’s kind of nice and misunderstood. She’s trying real hard for the kids.

  • The whole thing makes me question her judgement. She sucks at dancing! I suck at dancing enough to know that I would never ever believe that a professional could change the one basic fact-I have no natural rhythm. Kate looks like she would suck in a spin class. She is embarressing herself-oh that’s right-it’s all for the kids.

  • She’s very stiff- she looks so angry when she’s dancing! And it looks like she is just walking the floor. I don’t think she even tries to be good at it. I caught the end of last week’s episode and saw her- her partner was trying to teach her and she wouldn’t listen (because she can’t possibly learn anything from anyone; she knows how to do everything best). He got pissed, said he quit and walked out. She commented something like people always quit on me. Then he came back, probably because the producers made him.

  • oh. my. GAWD.

    In the immortal words of Hank Hill, “We forgot to teach Bobby shame.”

    First of all, homegirl look like a HOOKER.

    2nd of all, the last time I saw something that wooden it was holding my kitchen table up.

    Jaysus. I hope she’s making A LOT of money for this. That wasn’t even a fun to watch in a trainwrecky type way performance. That was just flatly uncomfortable and embarrassing. ugh. Kate, go home!

  • Entirely wooden, awkward and uncomfortable to watch. She has no grace, nor smooth flow, nor sinuous fire.

    Pity the poor thing. Life must be miserable in her shoes. She keeps pretending she’s doing things for the kids when in reality she’s doing it for her own ego.
    Nobody else brags they go to work ‘for the kids’, they simply go to work, knowing it’s how they put food on the table. It’s an obvious given you shouldn’t be expecting sympathy and credit for.

    She wasn’t ‘allowed’ to be angry?
    That’s rough. But doing it for the camera isn’t enough.

    The song was perfect for her. You want attention from the public – you’re going to be chewed up and spit up by the public. It’s a double-edged sword she lives by.

  • WOW. I watched about 30 seconds of the actual dancing and I had to turn it off. Painful. I can’t dance, either, but WOW.

  • OMG.. I laughed SO HARD when she came out with those magazines and threw them…

    wtf is up with that hair
    she looks like a clown
    that was so awkward..

  • She couldn’t brow beat her expert dancer trainer to cower before her wisdom and star power, you see, he can’t explain it well enough and until he does explain it well enough that she is perfect, it is all his fault, and she feels no remorse or shame and refuses to stop this dance drama silliness until she has all the men cowering.. the ladies fearful of her undignified wrath of hell to come. It’s not about dance numbers done flawlessly, it’s about her power and bravery, she’s a real woman with needs and wants and desires.. she’s free to continue her repugnant campaign as the judges are too stupid, should have shut her down and kicked her out first ‘get lost’ vote; .. and who sympathizes with a drama driven whiney, quick to attack back stabber, with a permanent chip on her shoulder, more than dance contest judges?

    Kate Gosselin is ready for a man in her life .
    That is what the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant told Radaronline during an interview yesterday revealing that she was ready for a man in her life… If he can handle Her life and everything and one that comes with that.

  • At first I thought this was some kind of parody of the actual performance… then I realized it was not. Crap. I don’t hate her, I don’t even care about her, but she looks terrible, so old. And she cannot dance.

  • That was pretty harsh. I wonder who chooses the songs. It’s like they were making fun of her, but she didn’t get it.

  • That was really awful. I mean, I’m trying to cut her slack, but it was just terrible. And the whole deal with the paparazzi–like she’s really that important and famous? Try being a real star and dealing with the paparazzi. The poor girl should go home to her kids.

  • I didn’t think it was that bad, better than anyone who commenting on this site could probably do.

  • I was literally speechless when I watched her dance. Like my jaw dropped in that cliche’ way that happens when one is in disbelief. None of this makes sense whatsoever in terms of why she is there in the first place and why she has made it this long. As mentioned before there are just some people who simply cannot dance no matter what. Even if they have the greatest dance teacher of all time, if they have absolutely no rhythm, there is no way they are going to look good on the dance floor. What makes it worse is that she has no great qualities at all or even an ounce of charisma or charm. I mean not even the slightest bit whatsoever. I think that if she had somewhat of a personality and didn’t have major “dead eyes” all the time then it wouldn’t have seemed so awful. Maybe if she just let loose and had fun with the whole situation instead of just wanting to be on TV a little more every week, then even with awful moves like that it would have seemed at least a little endearing.
    If she makes it past next week I will officially declare that her agent/publicist/whoever is doing some major Blow J’s to keep her on the show or something.
    That dude could basically have dragged a dead body across the dance floor for 4 minutes and it would have more pizazz.

  • I agree.. Her eyes do seem dead and to Sasha222 I love the comment about the dead body… LMAO…

    HOWEVER, I don’t think yauall are getting the point. DWTS just outscored American Idol in ratings… It’s not about who can dance, it’s about who can be on the show to get the most ratings and hold them. Most people either really really hate Kate or the really really like her… In any case, both of them will tune in to watch…..

    If Jon Gosselin would have been on there too, just to have some kind of rivalrey would have been awsome!!!!

    I’ve never watched DWTS… I don’t like it at all… I only watch to see watch Kate get get drug across the floor…..LOL

  • This is the first season I’ve ever watched dancing. And, to be honest, I’m only watching it to see Kate make a fool of herself. She has yet to disappoint me!! My daughter and I were doubled over in laughter Monday night. She looked like an angry, hungry zombie!

  • It is my belief that Kate must have really pissed off the hair, makeup and wardrobe people this week. How else to explain the way she looks! I don’t watch DWTS regularly, but this is the most horrendous costume and hair I have ever seen.

  • *******************SNAPS******************* “A MILLION SNAPS FOR BEY!!!! Don’t hate DAT?? !!!!!!!!!! ?