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Jesse James Checks Out of Rehab, ‘Cause It’s So Obviously Not Worth It.

Upon finding out that Sandra Bullock had allegedly (and indefinitely) pulled the plug on any attempts at trying to save the couple’s marriage, the Monster Garage cheater got pissed like a petulant little boy who heard ‘no’ twice in a row and checked himself out of rehab after only a few days. Since there was obviously no point in being there if it wouldn’t result in him getting laid one way or another, James hit the road. Jack.

Sources state that rehab was James’ last-ditch effort to resurrect (by the way, Happy Easter) his dilapidated marriage to America’s Sweetheart. … And you can totally see the conviction in the gesture, right? However, despite his “effort,” insiders close to Sandra state that she’s divorcing him “rehab or no rehab.”

Damn, girl, good for you.

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  • When I see photos of them together, he always looks to me like he just knows he’s not good enough for her and he’s kinda embarrassed about it. Or maybe it’s the sloping forehead confusing me.

  • Just one more thing to show you he’s scum- he still hasn’t learned his lesson. He won’t go to rehab to straighten himself out for the next girl he dates…so basically he’s going to hurt the next woman he’s with . This is why you run far far away from cheaters and never look back.

  • In very limited fairness to Jesse James (because he probably doesn’t deserve a whole lot of empathy at this point), it would probably be hard to stay the course in rehab, even for someone who truly believes that rehab is for the best, when the tabloids are report that your wife is about to leave you for good and the tabloids are posting pictures of moving trucks parked outside of your house.

  • What a jerk. Shows clearly he really had – nor HAS – any intention of changing. He’s been a self-centered, deceptive, manipulative player and will stay a player.
    Good for Sandra for leaving his pathetic self.

  • He got caught sleeping with several other inmates (I mean rehabitants) and they found out about each other. Gloria Allred has been retained ;-D

  • I had a friend who unfortunately was sent to rehabilitate at the same facility that he went to in Tucson. Knowing the place, I’m betting he checked out because it is not luxurious … at all. Joke is on him.

  • Just proves that it was all a front, and he had no intention of getting any help…not that I believe the (sex addiction) defense. Hes just a man ho.