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Wayne’s World Babe Calls It Quits on Second Marriage

Tia Carrere has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of seven years, Simon Wakelin. This is Carrere’s second divorce — her first marriage to Elie Samaha ended in 2000. The marriage to Samaha lasted almost eight years. Both divorces were as a result of “irreconcilable differences.”

Carrere reportedly filed divorce recently through the Los Angeles Supreme Court and it’s said that Carrere is seeking sole physical custody of the couple’s daughter, Bianca.

The gorgeous Hawaiian-born Tia started her career off with a starring role in TV’s Airwolf, which I don’t remember ’cause I’m under thirty, and she then went on to star on soap-staple General Hospital. In 1991, Carrere debuted her big-screen talents in two obscure movies — Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man and Showdown in Little Tokyo — before landing her breakthrough role in Wayne’s World. Every time I hear Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz, I think of the lovely Cassandra.

Good luck to Carrere and family … divorce pretty much always sucks.

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  • oh, Cassandra. What a babe! (Schwing!)

    I love that I can get here on a Saturday morning and there is actually posts! Thanks, Sarah!

    I, also, can’t hear Ballroom Blitz without thinking of her. And the super happy ending.

  • Stories like this make me wonder whether marriage holds a spiritual significance for many people anymore.

    • Oh come on, stories like this? A track record of two marriages, of eight and seven years respectively, with about two years in between, is hardly frightening. Compared to a lot of her colleagues it’s actually pretty respectable, if you ask me. It’s the super-short marriages that bug me, or the serial divorcees. But two divorces hardly constitutes “serial”.

  • tia carrere became one of the most voluptous women of the 90’s because she has the best breasts in the world she has been in films for 22 long hardworking years