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“Bieber or Die”: Dude, You’re Just Not Funny.

It’s really not funny.

I’m just warning you. Don’t say I didn’t.

I don’t know what it is about this little kid that so rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s his baby lip-curl that’s become a pain-in-the-ass idiosyncrasy and he can’t stop doing it ’cause now he thinks he looks suave. Maybe it’s the “rebellious” way that he says “bitch.” Maybe it’s just because he’s a mini-tool and he’s just. not. funny.

Yeah, I think the last one.

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    • OMG I was just telling a friend of mine that I’m CONVINCED he is a lesbian. When I first heard his song I thought… aww, that’s sweet that a girl is singing one less lonely girl.. how progressive. Imagine my shock when I was told it’s actually a boy. I don’t believe it.

  • I bet he ends up hosting SNL. He’s a cute kid, it’ll be interesting to see what he looks like when he grows up.

  • Leave Bieber Alone!!!

    I really enjoyed all of the Bieber of Die skits. He’s a cute kid. He can sang. He’s got mad artists in his corner. Who cares if Bieber Fever is a little ridiculous and he causes riots among tweens at malls on Long Island. Live it up, little man, I say. Live it up.

  • as a 19 year old who hates miley cyrus and all things tween and truly doesn’t understand the obsession with young Bieber here, i really didn’t see anything wrong with this clip. he didn’t annoy me, it was funny enough, and i wouldn’t expect any more from a kid his age. it’s not like he wrote this up himself, either. so..while i don’t fully understand the bieber-madness, i don’t think this was half-bad.

  • hahahahha I TOOOOOTALLY think he looks like a lesbian! AHHAHA
    he looks like a samantha ronson wannabe!

    but i thought this video was cute.. i mean.. he’s 15 (or 16).. he’ll get there…

    i mean, at least its funnier than any taylor swift stupid youtube videos!

  • I’m an ontario, canadian myself.. and I”m sick of this kid. I”m an adult, so maybe that adds to it….. wait.. what I mean is an adult who doesn’t think its cool for a kid to be singing about songs that he has no idea anything about, or for young girls as early as 3 crying when they see him on tv. Its just an outrage.

    He’s a dick, really. He’s very much aware of how important he is, and how famous he is. His suave, cool kid, persona isnt flying with me after the bites he gives to other artists in his interviews. A child should not be attacking or calling someone who has been in this field half their lives a ‘has been, and played out”. He has to earn his voice I think- maybe I”m old school, but he’s not earned the right to attack some of the greats.

    Hollywood today… there’s just no one great anymore. Its just full of C.R.A.P

  • in my opinion, in toolness, he still can’t touch the jonas brothers. (i think it’s cause he doesn’t wear gross v-necks and little hipster douchebag vests like they do. ew.) but he’s young, there’s time.

  • Justin Bieber does not deserve this crap that everyone throws at him. One of the main reasons why people diss him is because they say he is too young to know anything about love and that his songs are just pop crap. I had my first love at thirteen, and I think nobody has the right to tell someone whether or not they are capable of being in love. His songs send a positive message to young girls who only hear songs about going to the club and getting some ass. Justin Bieber is a young, successful artist who should be able to live out a career without criticism, and it saddens me that my favorite website is insulting one of my favorite artists.

    • How is he sending a positive message to young girls?? He sings about how girls are lonely unless they have a boyfriend! HIM, to be specific. That is NOT a positive message AT ALL. Young girls need to know that they should be independent and don’t need a man (or boy in this case) to be happy.

  • LOL… the lesbian comments were hillarious.. I’m still laughing..

    I for some reason get the feeling that this is really who he is in person… I don’t know why…

    And my kids love him, i don’t. But i admit i know the words to his songs and i have danced to them on my kids dance mat video game thingy (can’t remember the name of it now…) so i guess i shuld shut up….

  • Awww, J-Biebs! What a doll. He obviously lucked out and is just enjoying his success. Watch some interviews with him and he usually seems more nervous or naive than cocky and entitled… he makes jokes, but it’s so clear that he’s just a 16-year-old kid––and while it can be annoying, it’s harmless. Hopefully he goes the way of JT rather than Lindsay Lohan.

  • OMG you are so fucking right Justin bieber thinks he is so gangsta but he is just another motherfucking pussy. I bet he wrote his name and number on a 50 dollar bill and thru it at his gf. And you are also right about him being a fucking tool! God I can’t stand this bitch he probaly isn’t straight he probaly is very fucking gay

  • He just a kid.
    Do you enjoy picking on a child?

    God Sarah, I really hope you don’t have kids.