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Don’t Play With Sir Anthony

Rumors have been circulating that Sir Anthony Hopkins is pulling some straight-up Mariah Carey diva bullshit on the set of Thor and apparently they are so far from the truth that Sir Anthony is considering taking legal action to stop them dead in their tracks.

Last week people were saying that Sir Anthony was going after his co-star, Chris Hemsworth, criticizing him and his acting ability on set. While it probably wouldn’t hurt anyone to get pointers from a living legend, these rumblings were considered to be a “horrific, vile lie” by Sir Anthony. When asked by the press about his side, his wife Stella completely denied the claims and said she’d be speaking to his lawyers to hold whomever started the rumors accountable.

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Sir Anthony Hopkins. Riiiiiiight?

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  • Oh plueeze. Sir Anthony was in “Meet Joe Black” with Brad Pitt. He’s seen wooden acting before. Why complain now?

  • Frankly, from what I’ve read about Hopkins and after having seen him interviewed, this just doesn’t sound like him. He seems so un-uptight and has basically said he primarily does acting for the money, and if you look at some of the roles he’s accepted this pretty much seems to be true. He’s a great actor, but Jesus, I wish he’d be a little bit more selective when it comes to what he chooses to star in (think “Beowulf” and “Alexander”). Anyways, I can’t really see him bitching about a fellow thespian’s acting skills when all he’s really there for is to collect the check and then GTFO.