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James Van Der Beek’s Gotta Pay Spousal Support, Might Go Broke … Tomorrow.

In case you were one of the trillions caught unaware, James Van Der Beek was married. And it lasted almost six years, which is kind of like dog years in Hollywood, so really … it was like, three lifetimes.

Reps for the two announced this past July that the couple had officially split. Divorce proceedings, which are said to wrap up around May 1st, have preliminarily awarded Van Der Beek’s estranged wife, Heather Ann McComb, around $7,750 a month in alimony. Have no fear, though … toothy-pubic-brows-Dawson James
was given their shared Hollywood home, movies, stories and screenplays that he had penned over the course of their marriage.

Divorcing Dawson Leery and sucking seven grand-plus a month? Sweet. Knowing that all he’s got left are his “artistic musings”? Fucking priceless.

Van Der Beek’s said to bring in approximately $50k a month. And no, I have no idea what for either.

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    • He also did really good on Criminal Minds as a schizophrenic psycho. However, that does not mean anything, because I’m convinced that everyone ever looks at him and their brain immediately shrieks “AHAHAHA DAWSON LEERY”. He could be the best actor in the world, but… he’s always gonna be Dawson. And I do mean that as an insult. That show was terribly fake and gay.

  • a quick imdb search will show that he’s been able to find some decent work since dawson’s creek — maybe do some research before you post.

  • Hell, I’d take his broke ass any day. I just won a paid internship today, so we can get by with my tiny amount of money Dawson! We’ll be happy blonde sexy baby.

  • Did the Guinness Book of World Records ever pay him the prize money for holding the title of the Longest Head in Hollywood?

  • She looks fucking evil!

    And him! That mongoloid fucking forehead, Christ, he could open a drive-in and show movies on that fucker!