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Only one term comes to mind when I look at this photo: “The Shocker.”

Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston were photographed on the sly — from the back — while the photogs in front played the whole “distraction” card.

The photos of the duo and another dude were taken during the Paris promo of their new movie, The Bounty Hunter.

No word if Aniston’s been granted knockin’-on-the-back-door privileges in her and Butler’s reciprocal “friendship.”

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  • I feel like I’m looking at porn with clothing on. Sorry, Gerard, this is tacky. Jen, is this how you let a “member of the family” treat you – in public?

  • LOL… The pic is pretty funny, because ian imagine how embarassed she must be now, and i find that pretty funny…
    But it does suck, when you think about how Brad “the cheater” has been with Angelina for so many years, has a couple of kids with her and everything, and Jennifer has became a whore, goes out with anything that moves, sleeps with everything that moves, and now we know how she likes her friends to treat her in public….

  • Honestly not a big deal to me, so what? Gerard is hot, she’s hot, and they are more than likely sleeping together. Big deal. She is 40? she has a better bod than me and she get’s to travel the world. As far as I am concerned, if she wants to let Gerard grab her ass…so let em. Go Jen!

  • I don’t believe they are sleeping together – well, only because Jen gives off a desperate vibe, but honestly, I think they know the movie sucks and someone probably thought it was a good idea to play up thier natural flirtatious natures. If it wasn’t rumoured that they were a couple, we’d barely hear about this thing.

  • Go away people who don’t like JA as much as I do. She’s a freakin amazing woman.

    Now about the picture-
    HAHAHAHAHAHA Totally made my night. It’s a little past midnight and I’m heading off to bed and this was the perfect image to end my night with. I will be having very sweet dreams tonight…with lots of Jen’s bubble butt in it. This was too funny. And Gerard is a pretty amazing guy. I hope the 2 of them have a lot of fun together.

  • That picture is really awkward.

    But I wish all the people who enjoy being jerks about her would just STFU for a sec.

  • LOL!! Their both having fun. So what.. At least she’s not a homewrecker. Their both single and beautiful. They could to whatever they want with each other. So fcuk you haters!