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Can You Even Imagine How Amazing This Will Be?

Tim Burton’s on this whole fairy tale kick as of late and while both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland were kind of “eh” in my opinion, I am all about what’s rumored to be his next project: Maleficent. And guess who’s might be playing the lead? The only person who could, of course: Angelina Jolie.

Maleficent! Remember that bitch? The evil fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty? Burton wants to re-tell the classic story from her point of view. Now you know that that’s going to be off the chain. It’s been a minute since I’ve seen a big-budget movie staring a kick-ass female and look at the Disney version of the same character from years ago:

OK, yeah. I’ll be seeing this if it gets made. Don’t go too crazy, Burton. Don’t mess this one up.

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    • Ditto. She’s PERFECT for this role. And TIM BURTON DOING MALEFICENT.

      Maleficent is my all-time FAVORITE Disney villain!!!


  • Shes really good if shes playing a bitch or a crazy person…but I still won’t see it..can’t stand her.

  • I heard about this and I am SO excited. I really like Jolie and Maleficent has always been my all time favorite Disney character. I just hope Burton doesn’t.. Burton-ify it too much. His Nightmare Before Christmas pizazz would go really well with this, but I want it to be a Maleficent movie, not a Tim Burton movie.

  • This is going to be amazing. Maleficent equals gorgeous villian in my world — exactly the same words that come into mind when thinking about Angelina.

  • She’ll be PERFECT for the part ! This sounds like it’ll be a good Tim Burton movie again, finally.

  • I read that Angie was up for the role of a Disney villian and I thought, “It has to be Maleficent”… so, like everyone here so far, I think she’s perfect for it!

  • Oh eat your heart out Cameron.. your name was never mentioned for the part.., but then you have your shocking daisy duke scene to brag about.. haha

  • I am so VERY excited about this. When I was three and four, I knew all of Maleficent’s lines. I would pretend to be her in every scene. I also watched ‘Sleeping Beauty’ every morning as the first thing that I did when I awoke.

    This is going to be . . . AMAZING.