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“Hogwart’s Castle” Burns Down on Set of 7th Harry Potter Movie

A special effects explosion went wrong while filming a battle scene for the upcoming movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and “Hogwart’s Castle” was completely incinerated.

To clarify, a set at Leavesden Film Studios in Hertfordshire that is used for most of the interior shots of the castle (like the photo above) burned down, not the 11th century castle in Northumberland that is gussied up with computer animation and used for the exterior shots in the movies (yes, they use different locations for the exterior and interior shots, those sneaky bastards).

None of the cast was on set at the time of the fire, but more than 100 crew were present, which could have been a disaster given how quickly the set caught alight and how difficult it was to extinguish. Despite the efforts of six fire crews, the set was completely destroyed; a loss estimated at around £100,000.

No word from the studios on how much this might push back production dates (and the eventual release of the film), but if they have to completely rebuild the set and special effects equipment, I don’t see how it couldn’t.

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  • Seeing as how this is the seventh/eighth movie and they’ve been shooting for ten years, it’s a miracle that something like this didn’t happen sooner

  • So glad everyone was safe. That could have turned out to be a tragedy.

    Also, thanks for clarifying it was a set, not Alnwick Castle, that was affected. Very relieved.

  • I’m probably saying too much about myself, but the seventh movie should have quite a bit of non-Hogwarts shots in it so it might not slow it down as much as one would think. =)

    • I think you could be right. The only major Hogwarts scenes I can think of right now are towards the end of the book, starting with the search for the diadem and leading into the battle.

      I’m so geeking right now.

      • I’m sorry, but I just noticed right now that I didn’t say right now enough times. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and take care of that right now.

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  • dude. if this pushes back the movie release date, i will scream and cry. like, november is already way too far away. and july2011? nuh uh warner bros, don’t do this to me.
    (and i sound like a heartless bitch who only cares about when i get my harry potter fix. i’m glad no one died too, ok.)