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Tiger Woods Mistresses Still Coming Out of the Woodwork

Okay, so, the guy did what he did, dropped out of the spotlight and plans to play the Masters next month, managed to salvage a semblance of his marriage and yet there are still allegations from women coming out claiming that they were The One and they have the proof to, well, prove it.

The latest comes from porn star Joslyn James who set up a new domain name last week:  … So crafty, Ms. James, just … crafty. James claims to have authentic Tiger Woods smut-texts on her phone and will be releasing all of the information in her possession today, on her site, at 11 AM ET.

Definitely a pathetic attempt to suck some more fame from this withered story, but whatevs; she’s a working woman, she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to pay the pimps bills.  Maybe she just hasn’t gotten the memo yet that it’s so 2009 to out Tiger Woods on his wandering gonads.

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