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Charlie Sheen is “Not Guilty”, As In “His Wife Forgave Him”

Charlie Sheen entered a plea of “not guilty” in the Aspen court where he was due to follow up on the charges that were pressed against him after he pulled a knife on his wife over Christmas. We all know that story by now, no need to rehash.

Charlie’s plea isn’t exactly a surprise. We didn’t think he was going to cop to a domestic violence charge, obviously. Charlie is due back in court July 21 for his trail. His publicist said in a statement, “Charlie is looking forward for this opportunity to clear his name.” It’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than that, publicist!

I know this will never, ever in a million years happen, but if Charlie Sheen admitted he was wrong and went through with the court-ordered punishment WHILE maintaining his recently reconciled relationship with his wife, that would probably be the best thing the guy ever did for himself. Sure, he’d have to publicly admit to trying to knife up his lady, but if he sought help, it’s be slightly more admirable. All I’m seeing now are a couple of addicts who keep apologizing for each other’s behavior.

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  • but, how do you know charlie sheen pulled a knife on his wife?
    i agree with everything you said. if he did it then he should admit to it; because, as dr. phil says (yes, that dr. phil) : “you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge”.
    my question is, how do we know he did that? the one that accused him of that was the cocaine filled wife on christmas morning.

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