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Does Anyone Else Think Kelis is Kanye in Disguise?

‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, the two look a little more alike than can even be biologically possible, minus the facial hair, natch.

Kelis, if you’re unfamiliar with her, hit the hip hop/R&B music genre in 2003 with her ear-catching, annoying-ass single “Milkshake”.  She had the typical rise-to-fame scenario; married Nas in 2005, both divorced Nas in 2009 and became his baby mama, and sucked Nas dry via child support just in the past few months.

Kelis releases her latest album, FleshTones, on May 1st and her newest single, “Acapella” has just dropped.

What do you guys think of the new single? Myself, I dunno … It’s kinda 90s dance meets Sade meets … well, Kanye, at least in the looks department, anyway. I don’t think I’ll be hurrying on out April 30th at midnight to reserve my copy or anything.

Depending on where you work, the below video is probably NSFW.

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  • erm, no. she hit the scene with that song I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW AAAAAAAH! back in 2000 or 2001. and i’m not even from the states. get your facts straight.

  • We have been singing that “Milkshake” song in my student flat non-stop for the past two weeks.

    “My video brings all the pervs to the yard, and they’re like, not safe for work; they’re like, not safe for work”.

  • absolutely love. the. song. don’t care who she resembles. the song is awesome.

    who are you, sarah? are you new?

      • On vacation? Her blog says she took a new job where she doesn’t have internet availability to blog during the day.

        I hope she doesn’t come back. She’s turned me from a multiple-times-a-day visitor to a few-times-a-week-and-mostly-on-weekends visitor. I know Beet claims hits are up thanks to her, but her writing’s atrocious and hateful.

  • Speaking of getting your facts straight….she actually “hit the hiphop/r&b scene” in 1999 and “I hate you so much right now” is the chorus from the song “Caught Out There”

    • yeah, i was pretending to be singing the chorus, you idiot. the title doesnt matter, i was telling sarah that she got famous with that song, a while back, NOT with milkshake.

      now go back to wikipedia, asshole.

      • “yeah, i was pretending….” We, and by that I mean everyone who has ever even heard of the Internet, are pretending that you have your head in an oven.

  • Damn, I’m tots gonna download this song. Its awesomeness blew my mind.

    I kid you, it’s pretty cool though.

  • I find it ironic that the song is called “acapella” yet she’s singing it with music in the background.

  • I find it ignorant that you take it literally when the title is a metaphor to her having a baby, did you listen to the lyrics or did you just feel like jumping on the band wagon and decide make negative comments about kelis? LOL!

  • To the dumbass who wrote this blog:
    How the hell do they resemble each other? Male/Female, Light/Dark. You need to get your eyes checked. Uugh, that is the most ignorant thing I’ve read all week. You blog has no credibility is a complete FAIL! Furthermore, before you start blogging, get you facts straight. First off, the album is titled “Flesh Tone” not “FleshTones.” Second, her album Kaleidoscope debuted it 1999. Last but not least, “Acapella” will be released officially on May 10th and the album will follow on May 17th. Know your facts before you start running that asshole you call a mouth -_- #ThatsAll