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Charlie Sheen Is Leaving Rehab to Tape His Television Show

Charlie Sheen — who’s been in rehab for the past two weeks for alcoholism and cocaine use — will be leaving March 19 to resume taping Two and a Half Men. I know we’re supposed to be all up in arms about this, like, “HE NEEDS TO STAY IN REHAB LONGER!!” but, by March 19, he’ll have done nearly the standard 30 days, which is more than I can say for his wife. Brooke Mueller left two separate rehab facilities to be “treated” for her alcoholism at home. Because clinging to the belief that you’re different and better than everyone else is a surefire sign that you’re ready to recover from your addiction. Seriously. It’s on the wall at AA meetings. “Step 1: You don’t have to do this the same way as everybody else because God loves you extra.” Sheesh.

Plus, there’s a lot riding on Charlie Sheen showing up to tape this show. While he may be set for life financially, you better believe the camera men and the props guys and the set designers and the makeup people are still counting on this show for a paycheck. He’d be fucking a lot of people over by delaying production another month. So I get why he’s doing this.

Charlie also has a March 15 date at Pitkin County Court in Colorado in connection with the domestic violence incident that led to his arrest on Christmas. He’s facing one felony and two misdemeanor charges regarding the incident when he allegedly held a knife to Brooke’s throat and threatened to kill her. The Chief Deputy Attorney has said he will turn down any plea deal that does not involve a felony. Charlie may well be doing some jail time — so he better get as many of those episodes in the can before he’s in one himself.

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  • If she was just like everybody else, she probably wouldn’t have had her personal information sold to tabloids.

  • Charlie sure as hell doesn’t seem to be thinking about those poor broke-ass camera men and key grips when he’s off snorting the Columbian marching powder or smacking his wife around.

    This just seems like his normal routine; fuck up, go to court, get slapped on the hand, go to rehab to make amends, show back up to work on a crappy show that no one watches. Rinse and repeat.

    • Agreed – it’s his normal routine and Hollywood’s too – what woman would still be hirable there if she kept assaulting and threatening her boyfriends and husbands AND was busted for constantly hiring prostitutes AND was an addict? It shows you not just the grotesque double standard but just how debased the expectations for men are.

      All Lindsay does is try to drink and drug herself into an early grave and she can’t get an acting job and has production company executives publicly scolding her but the Charlies of the world just keep popping in and out of rehab like yo-yos and all is forgiven.

      Has his studio said anything to address his latest bout of drinking, drugging and woman-bashing? What a cowardly schmuck.

  • “you better believe the camera men (hookers) and the props guys and the set designers and the makeup people are still counting on this show (blow) for a paycheck.”

  • He isn’t leaving for good, just during the day to film and then back to rehab at night.

    As for the camera men, prop men, set designers, etc, they probably make a hell of a lot more than I do in a year and when my job was eliminated, I survived, so I guess I really wouldn’t feel that bad for them. They would find work elsewhere.