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Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart Are As Good At Singing As You’d Expect

Meaning, of course, that they are somewhat awful. A track from the the Joan Jett biopic that the girls star in, The Runaways, has been released and doesn’t do much to make you want to see the movie. In fact, I’d say that this track makes me much less excited to check out the film. I wrongly assumed that they wouldn’t actually be singing much like they’re not actually playing instruments. Bummer.

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  • This movie is going to blow. They never should have tried to make it and capture this story. Kristin Stewart is a terrible actress, every bit as awful as Robert Pattinson is an actor. And I’m basing this off more than just Twilight.

    • Annnnd Jeneria…you’re a cunt too! SO what movies do you act in? Ahhhhh…you don’t have an acting career do you! You probably think that Keanu Reeves is a good actor. LOL

  • I disagree with you all!! Maybe if you weren’t from this time frame you will not get it. This was when women didn’t have the freedom to do what we want to like it is nowadays. You guys are missing the major point here! The songs were very good back then and I still like them now. Compared to all the different music we have out here now, I can see why you would think the song(s) would suck. But that is how it all got started and the 70’s did rock!!!!

      • I know the music. I know the era. I know the story. I don’t think it’s a story that can be told in film. Nor am I willing to buy these girls as singers. They’re not. They’re actresses (although with Steward that is debatable).

  • Only Dakota Fanning is singing on this track (and if Stewart is it’s just backup vocals), and it’s actually quite a good “cover” of the original, which doesn’t include much singing on the part of Currie.

    You seem to be assuming things about a song when you don’t know much about the original to begin with…

    • totally.
      this is a good job covering the original.

      i’m pretty excited that this is little Dakota.

      and i’m totally going to see the movie.

      • Agree. I actually liked it. Don’t know if the movie will be released in my country, but I think I’d see it.

  • I agree. I think they did a great job. It’s another part of acting that not too many actors could accomplish. Koodos to them for even trying. However, I wish Hollywood bigwigs would do more scouting of real talented unknowns. They could have found two unknown actresses with better singing talent. But of course they want the box office draw of the tween population following their well known actress idols. I’ll wait for DVD.

  • im bothered nobody is talking about Scout Compton as Lita Ford. I wanna know if she is good or not

  • Umm yep pretty much sounds like any other punk song., maybe you’ve just never actually heard any.
    I like it.

  • I dont think it was dead on to the original. it wasnt awful, Dakota kinda made it her own with her voice. No complaints really…more than likely though I wont go see this…LOL wait till DVD….