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Alec Baldwin Rushed to Hospital for No Reason

Alec Baldwin was taken to the hospital this morning after being found unresponsive in bed by his 14-year old daughter Ireland. Although initial reports suggested that booze and/or pills were involved, those rumors have since been dismissed.

Baldwin was released within an hour and his rep released the following statement:

“This was a misunderstanding on one person’s part. Alec was quickly released from the hospital, he’s completely fine and will be at work today. If there was a real problem, he wouldn’t have been released within an hour.”

OK, so the “one person” with the “misunderstanding” is clearly Ireland, who you may remember from this leaked voicemail from a few years ago. Are we to believe that Ireland doesn’t know the difference between an unconscious person and her sleeping father? Is it possible that Alec had been drinking or using drugs before Ireland called the police or do we think perhaps this is just her idea of some teenage drama?

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