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OMG, I’m Dying Inside For Bradley Cooper

This is so embarrassing. I mean, this is truly the stuff that prom nightmares are made of. OK, so yesterday Bradley Cooper um… like, maybe applied some sort of self tanner? And he kind of missed the lower half  of his face? And there’s kind of all these pictures of him floating around the Internet today of him with a half-Lohan/half-Ronson face at the premiere of Valentine’s Day? Oh, God. I can’t even imagine the pep talk he had to give himself before hitting that carpet. I wouldn’t have even gone. I would have stayed home and exfoliated and cried. Bradley Cooper is really brave, I guess.

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  • Looks like foundation to me , his skin just look too smooth and non shiny to be natural (by that, i mean without makeup)

  • He would have shaved his beard a little shorter that’s all… sun couldn’t get through it to tan the rest of his face.. if anything he’s guilty of grooming. Meh.

    • Ok Hang on.. just checked out DListed and there are close up pics of him looking raaaandom! Definitely foundation or spray tan gone wrong. Sad for sure lol

  • He’s probably doing this on purpose, thinking “how many women still think I’m gorgeous, no matter how ridiculous I look.”

  • Just makes him that much more down to earth that he makes mistakes like the rest of us might. I never would have noticed. Camera flashes are so unkind. He’s got amazing eyes though.

  • Molls, I admit I was sad after Wendy left and was hesitant to let you into my dark, celebrity-gossip loving heart… but after this entry, it’s clear you’re the shit. Love it!