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Nicki Minaj Makes Her Letterman Debut

Last night Robin Thicke and Nicki Minaj went to The Late Show with David Letterman to perform his new single from his album Sex Therapy: The Experience (Dave had a funny joke about that.) For a little over a year now I have been completely obsessed with this new female MC. She’s signed to Young Money, Lil Wayne’s label, you’ve probably heard her on the radio in the label’s collaboration Bed Rock. I think she’s pretty much the hottest chick rapper to hit the scene in ages. Not only is she hilarious, but her campy glamor-girl “Barbie” persona is endlessly entertaining. And the girl can rap. After a year of watching Nicki “Nicki Lewinsky” Minaj’s star rise, I had a complete proud fan moment watching this today. What do you think of Miss. Minaj?

P.S. Check out the Nictionary.

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  • I’m hoping that it’s just a glitch in the Matrix and will not reappear. Well, you asked…….

  • She’s a white girl’s favorite rapper, I can see that.

    Bitch sucks. But she’s cute. I’ll give her that..


    • your retared nicki iz da badest female rapper to ever lay on this earth even badder dan lil kim an who ever dis agree can go Freak THEMSELVES !!!!!

  • Molls, your hip meter just dropped down again. Right now you’re hovering just above Miley Cyrus’s little sister. Good luck!

  • I liked it! Molls you have offended the music critics of Evil Beet. Those who praise Britney and the remaining poppy shit.

    • Shut up.

      I like Britney but that’s the only pop artist I like.

      Most of this website is anti-Britney but sitting on Gaga’s dick.

      Nicki is amazing.

  • You people are fucking retards.

    This website is all like “LADY GAGA IS FUCKING AMAZING” while not recognizing the talent of Nicki.

    Fucking followers.

    I recently discovered her Molls and seeing her on TV was fucking amazing.

  • Um, can we fucking talk about how awkward and white Robin looks?

    Damn boy, your father’s Alan Thicke. Stop trying to dance like that.

  • robin thicke is a honky…and he sucks….and he’s super embarassing…nicki is ok…i wasn’t super impressed…but robin thicke is a weirdo

  • nikki minaj is a complete fraud. manufactured by lil wayne to make more ungodly money for his crew. Molls your NY pride should be revoked if you think this girl is a real rapper. and on a positive note, i love she and him.

  • I liked it. More rappers need to sing about ass shakin’ and money.

    Between his looks and his dancing, that guy reminded me of a cross between Justin Timberlake and an excited puppy.

  • I think she looks great – she kind of has a wind – up toy quality. Love the dress too. She needs to stay away from Robin Thicke though, he can’t pull off “daddy” any more than I can.

  • she was aight, i *had* to look at her because robin was making my stomach hurt. poor man did not age well. what’s with the flicking of the tongue. i need some pepto.

  • “I think she’s pretty much the hottest chick rapper to hit the scene in ages. Not only is she hilarious, but her campy glamor-girl “Barbie” persona is endlessly entertaining. And the girl can rap.”

    Let’s just rip this entire statement apart from beginning to end, shall we?? YOU think she’s the “hottest chick rapper to hit the scene” because you pay attention to RADIO and not “THE SCENE.” Read a couple hip hop blogs and find some real talent. Ms. Minaj is straight garbage and is very, very far from a rapper. Her “hilarious, but campy glamor-girl Barbie persona” is annoying as hell, and nothing but a sloppy schtick! It’s what hurts her style the most, I’ve seen some OLD footage of Nicki, before the robot/barbie BS, and she has some talent buried way, WAY down there, if she would just RAP. The most hilarious thing about the above statement —> “and the girl can rap.” REALLY??? Please, PLEASE put up a list of who you’re favorite rappers are if you think whatever it is that Nicki Minaj is doing up there is rapping. I NEED to see who the other “artists” are that you think have “rapping abilities.” I love this site, but do it, and yourself a favor and stick to celebrity gossip and leave the music talk to the right people.

    Not saying that you’re not entitled to your own musical tastes and opinions, but if that’s what you consider “hot,” then someone needs to show you some real hip hop and trust me, it’s nowhere to be found on the radio.

  • First off… She aint hot… at all, lyrically, she is garbino. I look at her, I see a rapper that is doin what Lil kim did already but kim could lyrically murder this chick. These silly ass people that gas these wack rappers up is crazy. Shawna from DTP aint been out in a lil bit but woah… this thing aint close. Stop BS’n wit these silly rappers lol

  • HHell yea shes fukkin hot nd shes one of da bst female artist yea her voice gets anoying frm time to time but her lyrics go hard

  • Nikki minaj is so sexy I would like to chill with her for one day and I wish I could kiss her and able to date her she fly as shit muahhh sexy