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Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Want to Hear Your Bullshit

There’s been a lot of talk this week about how craptacular Taylor Swift’s Grammys performance was and it got to the point where head of her label had to release a statement. Unfortunately, Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta couldn’t get his message across without taking a swipe at other artists.

“This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note. This is about a true artist and writer and communicator. It’s not about that technically perfect performance.”

Mmm mmm mmm. Kelly Clarkson wasn’t going to have any of that. The original American Idol winner took to her blog to put the big wig in his place:

Wow …..Dear Scott Borchetta,

I understand defending your artist obviously because I have done the same in the past for artists I like, including Taylor, so you might see why its upsetting to read you attacking American Idol for producing simply vocalists that hit ‘the high notes’. Thank you for that ‘Captain Obvious’ sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the ‘right’ notes as well.

Every artist has a bad performance or two and that is understandable, but throwing blame will not make the situation at hand any better. I have been criticized left and right for having shaky performances before (and they were shaky) and what my manager or label executives say to me and the public is “I’ll kick butt next time” or “every performance isn’t going to be perfect” ……I bring this up because you should take a lesson from these people and instead of lashing out at other artists (that in your ‘humble’ opinion lack true artistry), you should simply take a breath and realize that sometimes things won’t go according to plan or work out and that’s okay.


One of those contestants from American Idol who only made it because of her high notes ;)

Very well put and also: TRUE! How many artists throughout the years have gotten crap for a bad performance? Pretty much everyone in any artistic field is criticized for their work at some point. I love that Kelly’s calling this guy out because yes, it’s mad unprofessional to blame your artists’ problems on America’s tastes. If the girl didn’t sing right, she didn’t sing right. Also: I am really over seeing everyone throw themselves on the ground over Taylor Swift. Forget that I don’t really care for her music, when was the last time someone’s had their ass so universally kissed? The girl’s 19. Someone’s got to be mean to her at some point. She’s not a kitten, she’s a human and one in the entertainment industry at that. She will be exposed to a million more Kanyes and bad performances before her time is up, so let’s just let it run its course and stop acting like everything that happens to this girl is some horrible attempt to bully her in to a silent death.

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  • I wholeheartedly agree with what Kelly and Molls said. Very true – one other thing though: Kelly Clarkson can sing. Taylor Swift can’t. She has been consistently “shaky” (i.e. ear-bleedingly bad) in the majority of her live performances. Besides, there is nothing new, interesting, or particularly talented about her. She’s cute, blonde, and sings about fairy tales! Reminds me of my 5 year old niece. Problem is, Taylor Swift = kicked kitten, so any criticism of her is tantamount to slaughtering a unicorn and drinking its blood. I hope, for her sake, that she gets a voice lesson or two, grows up, and stops singing about princesses and twue wove, because her kitschy cute act is about to get real old, real fast.

    • I also don’t think Taylor Swifts talent lies in her voice. Instead I think she is a pretty talented song writer and musician. She is not my cup of tea but I see the talent there especially for someone her age.

      I totally agree with Kelly and Molls here too. Yeah she is young but she’s not six! She can be told the truth that she sucks when she sucks. I’m sure she could handle it. Hey, it might even help her grow as an artist. Constructive criticism is a good thing, it gives someone a direction to improve and we should never stop growing.

  • She’s 19? When is she going to stop singing about high school politics? By 19, she should stop whining about not being the popular girl in class and move on! I agree with Kelly. I think Taylor Swift is talentless and a total joke. Next please!

  • Yeah I think the dude is so defensive b/c he knows Taylor got no special talent. Sure, she writes her own songs, sure she sings, but that doesn’t mean she’s good. The only reason she’s gotten so far is b/c she’s pretty, america’s sweetheart and little kitten. “Beyond-her-years wisdom,” my ass! Not only is she writing about high school drama still, she doesn’t have any fresh insights or perspectives on it. She and Beyonce need to come back to earth.

  • THANK YOU, MOLLS. I completely agree- even though sometimes I like Taylor and I even saw her in concert (she actually sounded good). Truth be told, she has sounded absolutely horrible in every televised performance I’ve ever seen of hers. It kind of grosses me out the way people get their panties in a bunch over any criticism of this girl- even though I like her. This needs to stop.

  • Y’all, I’m with you on the music. I kinda liked “You belong with me,” but that damned “Fifteen” song? Really? The problem is that I love her anyway, because she is too freaking cute. I find myself WANTING to like her music and TRYING to like her music, because I think she is effin’ adorable.

  • A “let’s talk smack about Taylor Swift” thread? I’m in! I agree with everything you, Kelly and the rest said.

    I think I’m one of the few people who don’t find her cute at all. She’s sweet but not a good sweet. Sweet like saccharin. Beard.

  • when adam lambert gave that sucky performance on the amas he immediately said that the vocals weren’t up to par. so mr. scott borchetta, you could learn something from one of those contestants who can only hit the high notes.

    it seems like ms. cutsey pants has read her own press clippings because if i had given that shitass of a performance (next to stevie nicks, no less) i would have issued an apology and said “sorry, grammy-nerves” or something to that effect. letting “daddy” borchetta come in and act like she is being bullied and then insulting other singers is just wrong. i think she needs a giant reality check.

  • I’ve never seen why everybody loves this girl. I don’t think she’s even”cute.” She looks like a skinny mouse to me. She should really thank Kanye. He caused everyone to feel sorry for and she gets pity votes because of him!

    • The girl can’t help being skinny! She is 5’11”, what do you expect? I personally think she has a gorgeous figure and hair and a very pretty face. Okay, I’m partial to tall, skinny women…I’m 5’10”.

  • Whether I agree that Taylor Swift is pretty much a bad singer aside, does anybody else think Kelly Clarkson misunderstood what the guy was saying? The way I read it, he was saying that THAT performance wasn’t needing to be judged in a talent contest way. I don’t think he was necessarily knocking the artists that come from those shows as much as Kelly is making out. Does that make sense?

  • i think the reason many people like Taylor is because she is somewhat wholesome, seems down to earth and is beautiful.

    And she is not completely void of talent and shows great potential to grow into a seasoned talented artist.
    So what if her songs are about being young or in high school….which happens to stay relevant in your life when you are only 19 and have not yet began college and have gained more life experiences.

    I would rather have my two daughters listening to her rather than Miley.

    after all she is not pole dancing, on drugs, bulimic/anorexic, singing auto tune, or marketing herself as a slut. she has avoided the whole script written for young girls to get noticed in the music industry = marketing her sexuality to achieve publicity and a career.

  • I guess Scott Borchetta thinks the Grammy viewers are just supposed to be content with the fact that Taylor Swift deigned to sprinkle her fairy dust upon them at all, thus bringing a moment of happiness to their sad little lives. Like, seriously? His message to the disappointed fans of his biggest selling talent is, basically, expect mediocrity?

    I just think it’s funny that this defence regards a crummy performance that took place on the same stage as Pink’s awesome, game-changing one.

  • Whatever. It’s the fucking grammys, not the VMA’s (or american idol…). So yeah, it’s all about their performance, and yeah, they better make it a fucking awesome one. Period. That’s the reason they get awarded, not just for looking pretty.

    And of course i agree with Kim’s comment. Pink was absolutely amazing, ANYBODY would have looked stupid after Pink’s performance anyway.

  • I enjoyed her performance. A lot more than Beyonce’s. I do agree that her songs all sound the same though. :P Kelly Clarkson is an even worse offender however. And she sure as hell isn’t cute.

  • a friend of mine went to elementary school with taylor swift. she told me that taylor was a major bitch (well as big of a bitch as a 10 year old can be) and picked on all the other kids including my friend. sounds made up yea i know but its not

  • a friend of mine went to elementary school with taylor swift. she told me that taylor was a major bitch (well as big of a bitch as a 10 year old can be) and picked on all the other kids including my friend. sounds made up yea i know but its not

  • I don’y like T.S., never have. I have tried mind you, bc after all the things she’s won I though maybe she’s not so bad, but I seriously can’t stand her. Sth about her music, and she’s not much of a singer. Her face even, that so many of you call cute, I call irritating (sth about her eyes…). As for Kelly, I think she’s an amazing singer, and although I never thought she was much of a performer, her voice makes up for it!