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Watch Ke$ha Get Put in Her Place

Last weekend Ke$ha attended her first (and probably last, realistically) Clive Davis pre-Grammy bash and it didn’t go so great for the singer/party girl. While making her way down the red carpet, she stopped at one reporter who couldn’t seem to care less that she was there. Or know who she is, really. Instead, he and his camera man were concentrated on looking down the carpet and finding a better interview, and they do with former Beach Boy, Al Jardine. I feel badly for Ke$ha, who looks pretty embarrassed for someone who’s supposedly a total hard-ass, but I have to side with the reporter on this one. I know, I know. He’s being rude, but let me tell you something about covering red carpets: If you’re talking to someone and you don’t know who they are, it sucks. What, is he supposed to go to his boss and say that the angle for his story was that Ke$ha was nervous and excited to be there? He could have gotten that story without leaving the house if he even knew who she was. With the Beach Boy, he at least has a chance of getting in an interview that he’s invested in. One bad interview won’t crush her soul, but it could cost that dude his job.

And Ke$ha gets all the press she deserves and more.

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  • I honestly don’t think the reporter was rude. It just looks like he didn’t know what to say to her and she didn’t know what she was doing on the carpet. Easy mistake for both parties.

  • who the bell conjured up this kesha character anyways? i mean really…no one cares. why should the reporter waste his time on a talentless nobody who is so obviously trying to prove that she’s somebody. blech.

  • She looks like, and has about as much talent as, the drunk girls you see stumbling around looking for the next bar.

  • yeah, that just shows what Ke$sha really is: a clue free nobody who’s about as tough as a waitress at PF Chang’s.

    and no, the reporter isn’t being rude. he just doesn’t know who the hell she is and she was probably expecting that everyone knows who KE&SHA is and therefore is completely thrown off HER GAME. or something.

    yeah, the dude might be old, but at least he’s really a musician.

  • I agree with everybody here. Nobody knows Kesha, nor give a fuck about her. Well, 10 year olds do (Noah Cyrus) but that doesn’t really count when it comes to the grammys. So yeah, i’m with the reporter 100% why waste your time with this idiot when there’s a lot of real stars coming? i wouldn’t pay attention to her either.

  • She’s a hot new artist whether you think so or not. Barry Gordy and the new “we are the world crew” got smoked by this girl They expected to come out at #1 but instead got #2. Ke$ha is at #1. That stupid azz reporter will know who she is next time….British Fag

  • I think an educated person must respect everyone…

    And yes the reporter is being very rude. You don’t just start speaking with someone and then you ignore that person…