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Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Are Engaged?

James St. James from World of Wonder had the scoop yesterday that Drew Barrymore is engaged. Or at least she’s saying she is on her Facebook. The blogger is friends with her on the social networking site and he noticed that she changed her relationship status to “engaged” yesterday (click through to see a screengrab from Drew’s page.)

If she is, in fact, engaged, it would be to her long-time on again/off again boyfriend, actor Justin Long. It would also be her third trip down the aisle. I’m thinking that it might be a gag, though. Perhaps Drew decided to get in on that “hilarious” bit that some people do where they list themselves as being married to their bestie or say that “it’s complicated” with their sister. For some reason, I just think she’d be the kinda chick to do that and we’re all going to have a good chuckle tomorrow when her business partner Nancy or whomever confirms the engagement and their profiles are linked up.

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