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Orly Bloom Won’t Return For New Pirates Either

Awhile back I announced on here that Johnny Depp is almost definitely not returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean set for another movie. This news was not popular, because what the hell is a Pirates movie without Johnny playing Jack Sparrow? All that would leave us with is Orlando Bloom and that pretty British chick on a boat. Well, now I guess it’s just the British chick and the boat because Orlando doesn’t want to do another installment in the series, either.

So where does that leave Disney? I’m thinking they need to cut their losses and realize that we live in a vampire crazed world and that pirates– at least for the moment– are more over than that whole “black leggings and tunic” look we were all rocking when the first one came out. It’s been years, guys! Perhaps the Mouse needs throw in the towel. No one’s going to see another one of these movies.

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  • I read that Johnny Depp IS returning for the 4th movie, along with Geoffrey Rush. Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightly won’t be in it, and Gore Verbinski is being replaced by another director (Rob Marshall, maybe?). Apparently the new movie will be Jack searching for the fountain of youth, or some shit like that. Not that anyone cares.

  • With millions in the bank and the enticing Miranda Kerr as his lady, I trust that Orlando Bloom will find a way to weather this rough patch in his life.
    With his lady and promising continued career prospects, he might even be able to ween himself from fond notions of sidling up to the lovely Keira Knightley. Or maybe it’s just me with this problem…

    • In the way you can still wear jeans and t-shirts, sure. I wouldn’t wear ’em on a first date or a job interview, though.

  • Pirates were big? It’s not the vampire craze that has everyone quitting, it’s the sucky story lines…there shouldn’t have been a 3rd movie…or really, even a 2nd one.

  • Disney totally needs to rethink their pirate storyline.

    Make them vampire pirates that fight weredolphins and Knightley’s character must decide which of the following she must prevent: The extinction of an endangered hybrid species that not only performs daring aquatic acts with humans and then eats them…… or the extinction of overstated british accents.

    They would so bring in the money.

  • Yah I think you better check your facts on this one because I read last year they checked with him first before even suggesting there would be a 4th because really… who would go see it without Cpt. Jack Sparrow? WASTE.OF.TIME.