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“I want to just go down there and get some of those babies. If you got a hook up, please get me a couple of Haitian kids. It’s time. I’m ready. I got two arms, I can handle at least two. I can take a third in a backpack, and one in the front, we could just wrap it in some swaddling cloth… give me four.”

–Queen Latifah, discussing her plans to adopt Haitian children.

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  • Good for her! Hope she follows through. With her upbeat personality, I think she’d make for a pretty good mom.

  • There are so many kids in the world who need homes. I wish I had the resources to adopt a few, myself. It’s a really sweet comment. I hope she follows through and adopts at least one child.

  • Xyp…its not that American kids arent good. Its a comment in light of all of the tragedy. Get a fricking grip.

  • an orphan is an orphan but in Haiti, an orphan has no where to live and not much of anything. at least orphans here have a place to stay and food to eat. I don’t ever question any of my friends as to why they adopt from whatever country because they have their reasons.

  • Haiti isn’t looking for people to adopt children. They already have thousands of adoptions in progress, and they need to complete those before starting more adoptions. A better, more helpful way to help Haiti is to donate money to the Red Cross or another legitimate organization.

  • Here we go….I really really hope that adopting Haitian children isn’t the newest “accessory” to go around Hollywood. I think what has happened over there is horrific and while there ARE legitimate good and wonderful people in Hollywood there are also those who are their polar opposite.

  • If she really wanted to adopt one or more Haitian children, she would have the “hookup”. Celebrities have the hookup on everything, including adoptions.