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What the Hell Has Heidi Montag Done to Herself?

My former employer, Gawker, posted People Magazine‘s Heidi Montag plastic surgery before and after today. She looks like an alien.

Heidi claims to be addicted to plastic surgery and had 10 procedures done in one day recently. A couple years back, Heidi was open about the work she had done to her nose and breasts and said they were quirks that had bugged her her whole life. She is 23 years old and has an entirely different face from when we first met her on Laguna Beach as Lauren Conrad’s friend from college. Addicted to plastic surgery? I’ll second that.

Heidi attributes her constant need to strive for physical perfection to– what else?– Hollywood and the pressure to be beautiful. Sadly, I wouldn’t put it past her to not realize how completely cliched and stupid that sounds, especially since she’s completely mangled her face. As Gawker pointed out, if her goal was to achieve perfection for the cameras, then leaving her face recognizable would be important. (More photos– some NSFW– available here.)

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  • i found out about this a couple days ago. im shocked! she looks older and like plastic! wtf is wrong with her. doesn’t she realize she looks bad. What happened to natural beauty

      • She looks like a generic porn star. But, she probably wasn’t hoping for that. I don’t think this will help her pop star career at all. She doesn’t look like she’s in her 20’s, but more like a plastic surgery patient in her 40’s. Tweens can’t relate to that. Her natural beauty is gone.

  • What she looks like now is a drag queen performing as Heidi Montag. She looks much older than 23 and just like every Hollywood/Playboy bunny wanna-be.

    • I think that “performing” is the wrong word, because that suggests that Heidi has a talent… How about “dressing like” instead?

  • She looks old! If she’s had this many surgeries at only 23, imagine what she’ll look like in another 10-15 years. She’ll be the next Joan Rivers or Jocelyn Wildenstein. I guess that will keep her famous, which seems to ultimately be what she wants, but this is a strange path to take. She’ll be famous for looking like a freak.

  • Heidi Montag looked better before the surgery. She had a soft, feminine girlish quality–quite sexy for a 23 year old. That is the look I liked when I was 23.
    Ms. Montag looks much harder now. Congratulations Ms. Montag, you have the look of a porn star twice your age.

  • To me, her face looks better, yes, older, but her boobs are laughable and scary both. This one is going to go too far, and end up looking like another Jack-Nicholson-as-the-Joker soon – stretched and freakish. I hope that she stops, but it seems doubtful.

  • those boobs are ridiculous–they just look pornographic. maybe that was the goal, IDK.

    as for its face, if it STOPS now, and doesn’t get any more surgeries, it won’t look *too* bad. but i seriously doubt stopping is in this thing’s future.

  • p.s. i’m callin’ it now – she either:
    a.) looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein when she gets older,
    b.) gets hooked on pain meds & goes koo koo for coco puffs, or
    c.) eventually dies from this addiction.

    cosmetic surgery when you’re young is one of the dumbest decisions EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Agreed….my first though is that she’s aged herself considerably, and/or looks like a robot.

      I’ve read the article in its entirety, and found it mildly disturbing. Sounds an awful lot like BDD to me. It’s talent that will get her where she wants to be, not plastic surgery (read: not sure that this will help her sell any more albums, as she seems to think it will).

      I just feel really sorry for her.

  • omg you people think she looks hot. this is soo fake. Hollywood is fake and its sad cause us “normal people try to look fake too. im 24 and i look better than that. what ever happened to natural beauty

  • her boobs look retarded. seriously, horrible. boobs that big on a girl that small look ridiculous. and she didn’t need ANY liposuction.. she was thin enough before. what an idiot.

  • she looks like she’s forty-something trying to look twenty-something..her boobs look the tackiest, unreal and ridiculous..she had a killer body before

  • Did anyone really expect something different from this unintelligent and highly obnoxious fame-seeking twit? I think plastic surgery at such a young age is just par for the course with a girl like this. Meh, at least she’ll give all of us something to laugh at for many years to come.

  • If people had to pass an IQ test before voluntarily deforming themselves, this never would have happened. I honestly feel a little sorry for this poor moron–her dickbag husband has his hooks in her, she couldn’t see how pretty she was to begin with, and she actually thinks she looks better now. Sad. I can’t even hate her (but boy, do I hate Spencer Twatt).

  • meh, whatever. who cares? its her body; she can do what she wants with it. stfu people. quit whining about celebs and focus on improving your own life – if plastic surgery is the way you want to go about doing it, more power to ya.

  • Her face reminds me of 40 something Cindy Jackson. She is the lady that tossed tons of money to plastic surgeons to make her look just like Barbie. That was the very first thing that came to mind when I saw the first new picture of Heidi. I think that she had stuff done (other than her boobs) before this also.

  • as much as i abhor plastic surgery, and the ridiculous pressure that is put on women to look a certain way, i will agree that after her first surgeries, she looked “prettier” if one is using the very narrow norm that hollywood seems to have. but now, i am at a loss for words. i truly think the dr involved in these surgeries should lose his license… this is wrong on some many levels. she looks absolutely terrible. she looks like a 40 year old porn star. what the hell was she thinking, indeed.

  • I think she looks better BEFORE the “enhancements”. But It’s not what I think, it’s what she likes.

  • As JDO said, I think she looked best after her initial round of surgeries. Her face looked just gorgeous, and I was envious of her body. Now, her face looks so different and… old. It’s sad. She still has an amazing body, though her breasts are getting pretty ridiculous looking.

    I wish I had the kind of money she does. I wouldn’t spend hundreds of thousands on plastic surgery, that’s for sure.

  • Holy shit! I can’t believe you jackasses think she looks hot? Really? Well, one day I aspire to be all plastic just like her, maybe then I’ll get a whinny, arrogant and egotistical husband jut like hers. YUCK! What a dumb bitch, of course my body would look like that too if I had a hot needle sucking fat out of me every 6 months. Ha Ha Ha! Good luck trying to stop having surgeries, you buzz killer.

  • All of a sudden, Spencer seems like the normal one. Her nose and lower body does look good; however she does look older and her breasts are way too big and ‘porn-starish’ for her. I do get the feeling that Spencer looked upset in those pictures and is not too happy about this. I generally believe that he did not want this surgery for her because she will eventually look like a freak. I do not want to imagine what she will look like at 30.

  • WOAH! wtf. this actually breaks my heart. poor girl. i actually liked her face better the first time..but got used to it after her surgeries on her nose and boobs. yeah, her original nise was a little pudgy, but i liked the way it fit on her face and always thought she was beautiful. the new nose just kinda made her face look longer. anyway, she still stayed pretty and her body was great, even w/ implants..but now. holy crap. if i saw he ron the street i’d think she was pretty, but.. she was so much prettier before. she just aged herself so much. and her nose is not completely odd and fake looking. and her boobs, imo, are way too big. she really does look like just another playboy bunny wannabe. i mean, in hollywood, you want to stand out and now she just blends in. it’s usually not the plastic looking girls who make it big, it’s the natural beauties. her features were soft and pretty before, and she looked like heidi. now she looks like a blonde jade wannabe, snoozefest. i bet spencer is behind this!!!

  • I’m thinking Jenna Jameson before she totally fucked up her mug. Plastic and inanimate, yes — but not quite the horrendous mess Jenna’s face has become.

    Stay tuned, folks! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

  • Omg this is just so sad. I know it’s her body her choice…but it’s sending such a wrong message to all of the female fans that she has tried so hard to obtain. It’s like she wanted to get famous so she could tell everyone, “hey, it’s impossible to be naturally beautiful”. She’s not pretty anymore. And after reading the full article it seems like maybe she’s just as fake and unattractive on the inside. I get wanting bigger boobs, I do. Most women would love to have them. She should not have messed with her face

  • Oh my goodness does she look awful now. She definitely took turns for the worse. Her boobs and face look horrible now. I could’ve maybe done with the face work, but definitely not the boob work. Horrible.

  • I thought it was just me… but I also thought this made her look older. She looks more womanly than girlish. But I think she should of just waited about ten more years if she didn’t want to have a girlish face anymore.

  • She’s an overpriced stripper. Seriously. I think if she put some clothes on and stopped whoring herself out, she’d be OK. Jesus would NOT approve.

  • I think her face looks awful now, she looked so much prettier when she hadn’t had the surgery – i think it’s a shame she felt she had to do that to herself.

  • I read the article, and wow she is seriously disturbed!! What kind of 23 year thinks like that? It’s pretty creepy!

    And as people pointed out before, she does look like a 40-something pornstar! The boobs are way to big!! They were nice before (albeit a bit too big, but they looked good) but now she looks like a pornstar straight-up. But of course even the “after” picture were likely photoshoped, so maybe she looks much better/younger in real life? One can only hope..

  • I totally agree…wow…she looks like a 45 year old washed up porn star…that is exactly what I thought before I read any posts…it’s crazy how many people thought the same thing I did. I used to think she was a sweet girl but after seeing her on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and hearing her obsessions with plastic surgery, saying “I’m just starting”, she must have major issues.

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