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Snooki’s Attacker Was a High School Gym Teacher

Remember when that dude punched Snooki in the face on Jersey Shore? I don’t know how you could forget. It’s not every day that a man punches a woman in the face and when it does happen, rarely is it treated like a form of entertainment. The man responsible for throwing the punch, Brad Ferro, is finally paying for his actions and has just been canned from his job as a gym teacher in New York. Yup, he was a gym teacher. Does that solidify anyone else’s childhood fears that their gym teacher was capable of murder?

One thing though: According to TMZ, the NY Department of Education says they are just writing up his termination papers now and that he’ll have 30 days to pack up basketballs and roll up his mats before he’s looking for new work. So does that mean that TMZ knew he was getting fired before he did? There’s a chance not, but crazier things have happened. Like when that meathead punched that short chick in the face on that trashy reality show.

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  • Fired! He should be getting his own TV show. They should put his bitch slappin’ hand in the fuckin’ Smithsonian.

  • If I turned around and found Chucky all up in my face, I think my first reaction would be to swat it away too! Self defense!!!

  • “It’s not every day that a man punches a woman in the face…”? Are you kidding me? You must not know much about the proliferation of domestic violence that goes on this world.

    • Well, if we’re going to start a domestic violence debate, I should point out that women punch men in the face far more often than men punch women. But because they’re women it’s acceptable for them to punch men in the face. Nothing will happen to them unless they do it in front of a cop.

      • “If we’re going to start a domestic violence debate,” then I would like some reliable stats with those comments.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say! That’s old news that he was a gym teacher. It’s not surprising that he got fired, either.

      Another note—snooki is disgusting and her tan lips disturb me.

  • i just (re)watched the episode where ronni gets into a fight on the boardwalk, and he fucks that guy up a lot more than that other guy fucked snooki up. so, it’s ok for a guy to choke/beat up another guy, and it’s ok for mtv to air that, but not for a guy to punch a girl? they showed jwowws fight too, so it’s apparently also ok for a girl to punch a girl. maybe it’s the same-sex thing. but what happens when snooki or jwoww punches some guy? will you air that, mtv? what are you trying to say here?

    to keep things straight, i’m against violence in any form or gender combination, and the way he punched snooks was definitely super fucked up. but i’m also against hypocrisy and double standards.