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A Really Great Message From Brooke Mueller To Women Everywhere

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen are supposed to stay away each other until a judge sees their case regarding Charlie going hella craycray on Brooke with a knife over Christmas. Brooke’s lawyer even said as much to People Magazine in an interview. However, the two were seen dining last night and Hollywood and word has it that Brooke is dying to get back with her more-famous hubby.

The drama between them sounds pretty high school (According to some stories, Brooke “instigated” the near-stabbing incident after starting a fight over Charlie’s daughter Sam) and Charlie doesn’t have the best relationship track record. He’s just recently straightened things out with Denise Richards. Remember how ugly that got?

While you can always argue that they are staying together for the sake of their children and the vows they took, the two had a fight on Christmas that could have resulted in someone being murdered. I’m not Dr. Drew or anything, but I can tell you that that’s a bad news bears situation for everyone involved.

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  • It is only okay for knives to be involved in fights between housemates. And even then, only if the housemate who deserves to be threatened with a knife is male. And pretty much only if that male made a horrible mess in the kitchen. Again.

    So no, they should not be back together, not for any reason. Why would she choose to spend time with him at this point? Actually, why would anyone?

  • Why go back? Money, money and more money. I’m counting the seconds until these two ticking time bombs explode again. I just hope that the babies are out of earshot when the next throw down occurs.

  • Unless you personally were in the house, you have no flippin idea of what did or didn’t happen, she could have made the whole thing up. If she wants to go back, she has every right and everyone else should shut up and mind their own!!

  • She has absolutely no obligation to be an example to other women

    But what she is is a stupid ass who chooses to stay with a guy who pulls knives out at her. Now that’s just plain pea-brained.