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And Yet Another Set of NYE Pictures

We’ll run out of these soon enough, I promise. But up now: the bash at Beso, where Stephanie Pratt, Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth posed for photos. Also there: Paris Hilton’s also-ran boyfriend, Josh Henderson; Taryn Manning; and some chick named Hayley Giraldo, who I’ve never heard of but has some rather respectable leg muscles. Enjoy.

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  • Stephanie Pratt looks so different and it looks like she has a Jersey Shore inspired top on! Can’t believe Taryn Manning is at the same bash as these girls. Also Hayley Giraldo is Pat Benatar’s daughter

    • Yeah, I don’t blame you for wanting to make sure everyone knew that the post above was yours, it was so fucking awesome! I kneel before you and kiss your pink painted toenails.

  • I still think it’s weird that Stephanie got the same nose as Heidi, although I think it looks way better on Stephanie.

  • Why do people still talk about The Hills? The show sucks. Also-I really wish Lauren Conrad would at least TRY to pose differently. It’s the same in every picture she takes.