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Charlie Sheen Brought a Knife to a Lullaby Fight

Charlie Sheen Fights Over Daughter Sam

We’ve all heard by now that Charlie Sheen lost it and got all knifey on his wife (Brooke Mueller) over the holiday weekend by now, but we’re still not totally clear on what it was that caused the fight. Today we’ve found out that the brawl was likely over Charlie’s daughter Sam, who we saw on her mother Denise Richard’s reality show, It’s Complicated, and a song that they shared. What? Yeah, I know… it doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, either.

From E! Online:

The song apparently has something to do with a Christmas present Sheen bought for Sam. Sheen has told people that Mueller became upset and wanted to know why she and Sheen didn’t have a similar song, the source says.

“Charlie says she is really jealous of his daughters, especially after he and Denise finally started getting along,” the source says.

The source also says that Mueller has become increasingly suspicious of Sheen because of his past substance abuse issues and fondness for call girls.

While relationships should never involve knives unless your both in to that sort of thing, I could see children and their emotional welfare being the sort of subject that could drive someone over the edge. If Brooke is a wedge between Charlie and his kids after all that he’s done to reconcile with their mother, then he’s not the only one being inappropriate. He’s just inappropriate in a much more violent way. Either way, you know there’s some crazy unhealthy stuff going down when there’s a knife fight and the only explanation any one has for it is that they were fighting over a children’s song. Good luck figuring that one out, guys.

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  • How refreshing to see that you figured out how to use spell-check lately. Did Beet finally realize that you were losing this site many readers with each and every bad post?
    Good for her to actually act like an editor and talk to you about it.
    And good for you I guess for actually double checking things like words being spelled correctly.

  • It looks like, from the above post and picture, that Charlie Sheen should not be allowed within 100 feet of any female at all. I decided.

    What a total creep.