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Charlie Sheen Pulled a Knife on His Wife, Because He’s Awesome Like That

Charlie Sheen Fucking Beats His Wife, Yo

I’ve been living in Scottsdale, Arizona for the past month, and word on the street is that one AWOL Tiger Woods has been hiding out in nearby Wickenburg being treated for sex addiction. I’m not entirely sure how one goes about treating sex addiction, and I have a feeling that Tiger doesn’t want his “sex addiction” “treated” so much as he wants his “endorsement money” “back,” so I’m guessing he has a lot of time on his hands. I hope he is spending that time writing thank-you notes, specifically to the estate of Brittany Murphy, to the dude who punched the Jersey Shore chick, and to Charlie Sheen, who apparently pulled a fucking knife on the mother of his children during the Christmas Eve domestic dispute that landed Charlie temporarily in the slammer.

Prosecutors are still deciding whether or not to press charges, but hopefully the court of public opinion will speak loud and clear here. How many more decades are we going to spend watching this dude play an emotionally unavailable but otherwise harmless and endearing family man on television and in movies while in real life he’s physically abusing his girlfriends and spouses? How is this acceptable? I’ve been dating for ten years, and in all that time I’ve barely had a man raise his voice to me, let alone lay a hand on me or threaten me with a weapon. This is not normal behavior. This is not behavior you have to accept in order to be in a relationship with a man. Why do women put up with this? Why does society let it slide? Stop casting Charlie Sheen, Hollywood, and stop watching him, America.

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  • I must say, it’s nice to see you writing more often, Beet. There is a notable difference in quality when you do.

  • Maybe both of them should stop drinking and this “not normal” behavior will stop. Drugs/alcohol are fun as an occasional thing but as a lifestyle choice it’s bad for everyone all the time.

  • I basically agree with the opinion in the article and I detest the dirtbag on many levels, particularly reflected in his insane 911 conspiracy claptrap.
    Any woman who gets near him apparently has/had never heard of all his other crap. The fact is, they DID, and chose to let him put babies in her
    because it sealed her fate/fame. So how much sympathy do I have for them? None. The kids? Lots. Geld him, then let him chase as much poon tang as his disinterested ass desires.

  • OK Edits:

    “in them” , not “in her”.

    And I fogot to say some episodes of 3 1/2 men were funnier than hell…!

  • Two and a half men is hilarious. I don’t want it to end just because he’s a douche in real life. And I gotta say I don’t remember the last movie he’s been in.

  • It is the age old problem of separating the art from the artist. I will use the example of Woody Allen. I grew up loving his movies. But just like I won’t be wearing a Michael Vick jersey in this lifetime, I can’t bring myself to watch his films anymore. Again, it might be wrong to jump to any conclusions about Sheen’s violence but if it is true, the man does not deserve the loyalty of his fans. I respect his father, Martin Sheen, so much…poor Pop must be so disappointed.

  • Well, it’s likely she deserved to get smacked around. I know women like to think they are innocent and all (NOT!), but let’s be realistic here. Like she’s not a golddigger.